New Payroll System in LA County

What’s different?

The main difference is you will now receive equal amount semi-monthly paychecks.  Your paycheck on the 30th of the month is currently an advance (ESA) and is typically less than your paycheck on the 15th.  You will now see half of your salary and deductions in both checks resulting in an even cash flow for you. 

The County will also distirbute flyers to communicate these changes. It is important that you read them to understand how your pay, deductions, and benefits may be affected.  The County also posted Frequently Asked Questions on its website:

For detailed questions, please contact your payroll manager, or for general information call the SEIU 721 Member Resource Center at 877-721-4-YOU

You can download the flyers here:

1. Semi-Monthly Payroll
2. Highlights of Payroll Practices Not Changing
3. Retirement and Deferred Compensation Plans
4. From Calendar Day to Work Day
5. Leave Time Usage
6. Personnel and Pay Events
7. Employee Pay Statement
Helpful Resources
The flyers can also be viewed at the Los Angeles County Employee Payroll Portal at:
For answers to common questions please access Frequently Asked Questions within this page at
For more specific questions, please contact your Department Payroll Section.