Court Reporter: ‘No Matter If You’re a Private or Public Worker, We’re All in Jeopardy.’

ArnellaSims200.jpgTwo weeks ago, LA Superior Court Reporter Arnella Sims joined a coalition of 161 teachers, firefighters, social workers and other public service workers who flew to Madison to show solidarity with the brave workers there who are fighting to protect their bargaining rights. Arnella’s still got the cold she picked up in frigid Wisconsin, but that didn’t stop her from sitting down with Truth Tracker to discuss her experiences in Wisconsin and beyond.
 How did you get involved in the labor movement?When I originally joined the Superior Court … there was a lot of favoritism around the office, especially when it came to approving vacations and sick time. We didn’t have any benefits–you had to work for five years before you were eligible for them. So I was among the people who persuaded our co-workers to join together to form a union. Why do you believe in unions?Unions help us bring sustainable, good jobs to our communities. I have neighbors who work at the port, at the post office, in city government and county government. And it’s these folks who help support everyone else in the community. A couple of weeks ago you went to Wisconsin to stand with workers there whose rights are under attack. What was that like?I was proud of those workers for standing up. Governor Walker is trying to destroy the middle class and I went there to show my support and to try to change the conversation.  How so?Corporations are reaping billions of dollars in profits but they’re not creating jobs. Instead they’re shrinking the workforce, just like Governor Walker. And people need to understand, we’re at the breaking point. No matter if you’re a private or public worker, we’re all in jeopardy.
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