Wisconsin Gov. Awakens Sleeping Giant

WisconsinRecall200.jpgWisconsin Gov. Walker and his anti-worker allies are determined to take away Americans’ collective bargaining rights. But in the process they’ve awoken a powerful sleeping giant: middle class, working families.
Consider that last week, on the same day that Walker’s anti-worker bill passed the Wisconsin  State Assembly, hundreds of firefighters marched over to the M&I Bank, whose executives were the top donors to Walker’s political campaign, and withdrew their money. The firefighters took out a whopping $190,000, forcing the bank to shut down for the day. Then, on Saturday, more than 100,000 people gathered at a rally in Madison to protest Walker’s power grab. That’s more people than ever showed up to a “tea party” rally. (Think about it: if the tiny “tea party” could get all those anti-worker politicians elected last November, imagine what we can do with our numbers and our collective strength.) What’s next in Wisconsin? Recall. Social workers, courts clerks and other middle-class workers are on the ground in Wisconsin, already making great strides to recall the anti-worker legislators who are Walker’s accomplices. The Washington Post reports they’ve already collected 45 percent of the signatures necessary to recall eight senators. You can support the recall by going to this site. Closer to home, on March 26, thousands of working people from across Southern California will march and rally for communities and jobs. Will you stand up alongside them? Join the rally on March 26 and show the world that working people have a powerful voice in this country and won’t be silenced. READ Wisconsin Firefighters Spark “Move Your Money” Moment WATCH Pro-labor Wisconsin video roundup READ Nearly half of signatures collected for recall of Wisconsin GOP state senators, Dems say
SUPPORT the Wisconsin recall. ATTEND March & Rally for Our Communities, Our Jobs!
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George Mynatt

The non-union Middle Class should be pressed to join the struggle.They hold a major stake in the economy. All the voters who voted Republican know how you are being screwed in good faith. Workers of the world RISE UP. THIS IS THE DAY.

vern mynatt

As a retired Oil Chemical Atomic Worker from Local 4-612 in El Paso, Tx it is time for all working people in the United States to wake up to what is happening to the middle class in this country.