Close the Library Privatization Loophole!

What’s going on?  

In 2010, AB-438 was passed. It placed restrictions on when and how a library can be privatized and required transparency and accountability to protect taxpayer funds. But there is a loophole: If municipalities do not declare their intents to privatize, they can simply withdraw from the public library system and can privatize without complying with the law.  AB-583 will close the loophole.
With Bi-Partisan support, AB 583 passed the California State House of Representatives and will now go to the Senate.

JimmyGomez_122x122.jpg“I support AB-583. It would address a significant loophole in existing law regarding the privatization of county free public libraries.”
 — Honorable Jimmy GomezDemocratic WhipCalifornia Assembly

Next Steps:
The Bill goes to the Senate next. Call these Senators and ask them to support AB-583.
Sen. Lois Wolk   (916) 651-4003
Sen. Jim Beall        (916) 651-4015
Sen. Mark DeSaulnier        (916) 651-4007
Sen. Ed Hernandez    (916) 651-4024
Sen. Carl Liu (916) 651-4025

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