June 7 Primary Election: It’s Time to Get Out the Vote!

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As one individual you may not think your vote will make a difference. But just imagine the powerful impact of our collective votes as tens of thousands of union members combined. Our voices are louder together. 

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If you Vote By Mail, please remember to postmark and mail your ballot on or before June 7. It must be received by your county’s elections office no later than June 10, in order to be counted.

If you vote in person on Election Day and need help finding your polling place, please click here.

If you experience any problems at your polling place, or encounter any interference when attempting to exercise your right to vote, please call 1-800-345-VOTE (8683) right away!

As SEIU members we know it’s critical to improve vital services for California’s most vulnerable; provide quality health care; protect our environment; keep us safe; and fight for our fair share of the economy. Unite with your fellow Union members, and cast your vote for candidates who stand with us and with our families.

This document is designed for you to use as a reference when you vote. Please share it with your family and friends, and whether you vote by mail, or at the polls, use this mailer and add your vote to the collective votes of 700,000 SEIU members in California.

Please remember, our voices are louder together.


In Unity,
Bob Schoonover 
President, SEIU Local 721

Slate mailer june 7 2016 primary.jpg