SEIU 721 Celebrates National Public Works Week

Every year our celebrations of National Public Works Week gets bigger and better. This year, the members of SEIU Local 721 and the members of the San Fernando Public Employees Association placed a series of professionally designed posters, alongside posters designed by elementary school students from the Los Angeles Unified School District. At bus stops across LA Metro lines, bus riders were welcomed by these vibrant images from May 15 to May 21, 2016.

The drawings of second, third, fourth, and fifth graders from, Morningside Elementary School, and Gridley Elementary School, were featured on the streets, avenues and boulevards that run throughout the San Fernando Valley, including Brand, Celis, Truman, San Fernando, Mission, and Maclay. Students submitting artwork for the contest that determined which drawings would be featured at prominent bus stops were participants in after school programs that SEIU 721 members, like Patty Garcia, run in order to spark the imaginations of future generations.

On Monday, June 6, 2016, following the conclusion of this year’s Public Works Week commemoration, SEIU 721 members, San Fernando Public Employees Association members, and the students who submitted artwork selected for display at LA Metro bus tops appeared before the San Fernando City Council for special recognition.