On November 3rd, VOTE for SEIU 721 Endorsed Candidates and Propositions


2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. For essential workers, it has been especially challenging. On November 3, we have the opportunity to use our collective votes to influence our own futures, and the future of all working families.

If passed, Prop 15 for Schools and Communities First will help fill the growing funding gap for the services our communities rely on — and save our jobs.

Please use the guide of candidates and initiatives reviewed and approved by 721 members, AND VOTE! As a union member, your vote and your job are essential.


In Unity,

Bob Schoonover, SEIU Local 721 President

Our SEIU 721 2020 Complete Member Voter Guides By Region




How to Vote Union on the  Propositions

SEIU members have the unique opportunity to vote on statewide initiatives that will greatly impact the lives of working families, including several that will help address structural racism in our state. This November, stand for economic and racial justice and cast your vote!

YES on Prop 15 — Prop 15 will reclaim billions every year for our schools, community colleges, and essential local services in EVERY county.


YES on Prop 16 – Reverse the state ban on equal opportunity programs to fight systemic racism.



YES on Prop 17 — Allow Californians who have completed their prison terms to fully participate in our democracy by restoring their right to vote. 



YES on Prop 18 —Allow Californians who would be old enough to vote by the November election to vote in March primary elections. 



NO On Prop 20 Proposition 20 will roll back effective criminal justice reforms and waste tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on prisons. 



YES on Prop 21 — Proposition 21 allows our communities to limit rent increases and preserve affordable housing. It will provide stability for working Californians. 


NO on Prop 22 — Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash spent millions to buy themselves a ballot measure that creates a special exemption in state law to exploit workers. 


YES on Prop 23 —Protects dialysis clinics from closure and improves safety standards, reporting and worker protections. 



YES on Prop 25Ends money bail, a system that wastes $5 million dollars every day by unfairly forcing people to wait in jail for their day in court—just because they can’t afford to buy their freedom. 


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