Report On-the-Job Coronavirus Concerns Here!

SEIU 721 has created an incident form that our members may use if they have any Coronavirus-related issues in their workplaces. We especially encourage reports from those working on the frontlines in healthcare and emergency response.

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John Doe

Why is Los Angeles County Still open and having their employees come to work. My office has roughly 110-175 people in it daily. We are not following the guidelines that were set out for 10 people or less. This is a huge liability for Los Angeles County.


Government offices are still open, many county services are deemed vital especially in a crisis. We know many departments are working hard to move staff to working remotely where ever possible. If you are being asked to report to an unsafe work environment please call Member Connection at 877-721-4YOU so that we can address the issue properly.


This is obserb and they don’t provide us with gloves, masks, or sanitizer but we are open with more then 300 employees. We need to close all offices immediately at least for two weeks!


Exactly, Lancaster Office is one of them. Dont forget clients who apply homeless are coming from every city or have moved out of state to come and apply for benefits here. Also, why isn’t L.A County RTW coordinators or Administrators communicating with those on Medical leave with update incase they return back to work or to acknowledge them of the changes or offer telework to those on medical leave already?

[…] issues with having your telework status confirmed, please contact us via the online incident form and we will follow up with you as soon as […]


We are told to telework but we are also required to work at the library as 2 f/t staff members are required to be on site m – f

Jane doe

We have some of our staff in the frontline screening patients and not wearing the proper PPE. They need to be wearing N95 masks not procedure masks. Today by 12 noon, 2 of our staff members were self quarantined bc they developed coughs and were not feeling good. This made the other staff even more nervous. However more upsetting is that they claimed to have seen clerical or other staff with N95 and those people are not in the frontline screening ? Doesn’t make sense?!


Is the library department consider essential or non-essential? Can part time library staff telework from home? Why we don’t closed the library to make everybody safe? People still coming to pick their holds in the lobbies and who knows one of them have corona virus? Why we are putting people at risk while the Governer said that we have to stay home? Also we still doing the book drop and the shipment. We don’t know if the book is contaminated? We don’t have enough gloves, or mask to wear to handle these item. We need lysol spray to spray at… Read more »

Rosanna De

How are you protecting Ventura County employees?
We are being told to report to locations where we are all in close proximity with people coming and going. Social distancing is impossible. I am a a live in caregiver to my mother who is high risk and I was denied
my request to telecommunicate. I am clerical and able to do my job telecommunicating and not needed on the front lines. People where I work are joking and fake coughing and not taking the virus seriously. How are we County workers being protected?. This is a huge liability.

Mercedes Obiako

I’m concerned about the stay at home order. I know we are disaster workers, but coming to work is disastrous to me. What am i to do?


I take public transportation to work.. Six buses in total daily..I could be exposing myself and my co-workers to this virus…I’m really concerned.