Medical or Religious Vaccine Exemption Deadline Extended for LA City Workers

If you intend to seek a medical or religious exemption, you now have another few days to do it.

We presented the City’s Executive Employee Relations Committee (EERC) with a proposal to extend the application window, and we won an extension.

Thanks to our work, the deadline to apply for a religious or medical exemption has been extended to Monday, September 13th.

We’re still involved in ongoing negotiations with the City regarding the effects of the Mandatory Vaccination Policy.  You can read our position in its entirety here at this link: Our Position on the LA City Vaccination Mandate.

If it is your intention to seek a medical or religious exemption, we strongly encourage to do so immediately. You will be contacted by the City to provide additional documentation.

You can fill out the form here:  City of Los Angeles Employee Intent to File COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption Form.

Please stay tuned for more updates on the ongoing negotiations.