LA County’s Salary Offer: 2% per year and NO pay increase until NEXT October?!

You’re not going to believe LA County’s infuriating salary offer — 2% per year and NO pay increase until next October.

If you were ever on the fence about coming out for our Fight For the Frontline march on 3/31, there’s simply no excuse — you need to register ASAP.

We MUST send a loud and clear message to the County — “HELL, NO!”

While prices were rising by 7.5% in 2021, the County offered NO cost-of-living increase at all! 

Now they want SEIU 721 members – frontline workers who made great personal sacrifices during the COVID pandemic – to accept 2% per year AND wait another 8 months to receive anything at all!

Our SEIU 721 Bargaining Committee is determined to secure salary increases large enough to allow members and our families to keep up with the historically high cost of living.

While County negotiators were making their disrespectful salary proposal, SEIU’s bargaining team offered a different approach:

  • Stop selling out our jobs to private contractors and over-priced registries
  • Fill vacant positions
  • Provide adequate staffing
  • Invest in your own county workers!
The message is clear — Stop Contracting Out Our Jobs to Corporate Interests and Invest in Your Own Damn Workers!

Sign up NOW to RSVP to the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINE. After you RSVP, make sure you put in a time-off request at your work place.

We deserve a fair contract in 2022, not that paltry offer from County management! Let’s pack the Civic Center at the FIGHT FOR THE FRONTLINEand give them our counter offer … in the streets and UNION STRONG.

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That’s outrageous. 2% is a slap in the face! We need (at the very minimum) 5% per year with how the economy is going. Let’s not forget about increasing our parking allowance. Parking should not be something an employee has to worry about..

Catalina Castro

I think that they purposely went low so that anything above that sounds like a large amount. These are tactics that will not work here. I am confident that our negotiators are astute and ready to go for the jugular….. Make them do the right thing. Many of us are one check from the poverty line. 🙁 With all the money there is for infrastructure and BTW, money taken by overpaid positions, there are ways to accomplish our goal of self sufficiency and secure retirement.Unity is Power!