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The 2015 Election Season Begins with Major Wins for SEIU 721

SEIU 721 had numerous electoral wins on March 3rd. These wins would not have been possible without the COPE engagement that started with town halls, continuing with phone banks and finishing with consistent door to door voter engagement.

COPE in Action

EW Budget Hearing_Feb 23_cropped.jpgAs public workers, SEIU 721 members understand the importance of the state budget in funding critical services we provide our communities.  Last week, the 2015-16 California state budget hearings began and SEIU members/Eligibility Workers went to Sacramento to make sure the voices of people relying on Medi-Cal health services were heard at the Health and Human Services hearings. 

Got Democracy?

The City of Los Angeles election is on March 3rd and once again a very low turnout is expected. That means just a few voters will be deciding who will help lead LA for the next four years or longer.

Preparing for the 2015 Elections

(updated Feb. 18, 2015) The year has just begun and SEIU 721 is proud to endorse the following candidates for the upcoming Spring Elections:

January 27, 2015 Election
Lou Correa for Orange County Supervisor
March 3, 2015 Election
Paul Krekorian for Los Angeles City Council District 2
Nury Martinez for Los Angeles City Council District 6 
Bobbie Jean Anderson for Los Angeles City Council District 8
Herb Wesson for Los Angeles City Council District 10
Mitchell Englander for Los Angeles City Council District 12
Jose Huizar for Los Angeles City Council District 14
Vote Yes on LA City Charter Amendment 1
Vote Yes on LA City Charter Amendment 2
LA Community College Board
Francesca Vega
, Seat 1
Sydney Kamlager, Seat 3
Scott Svonkin, Seat 5
Mike Fong, Seat 7
LA Unified School District
George McKenna
, Seat 1
Tamar Galatzan, Seat 3
Bennett Kayser, Seat 5
Richard Vladovic, Seat 7
March 10, 2015 Election
Jacque Robinson for Pasadena Mayor
Rosa Perez for Huntington Park Mayor

April 21, 2015 Election
Kevin Monk for Compton City Council District 1
Brian Parker for Compton City Council District 4

More information about these candidates will be sent to member/voters in advance to the March and April elections. There will also be other COPE town halls for upcoming local races to be held this spring-please stay involved and vote!

SEIU 721 COPE Members Kick-off the 2015 Endorsement Season

The 2014 elections were just last month but already SEIU 721 COPE has begun hosting endorsement town halls for the 2015 races.  Next year, more than 15 cities and special districts where SEIU 721 members work and live will have elections.

November 4th Election Results

Sheila Kuehl_precinct walk_Oct 25 2014.jpg
Candidates and ballot measures supported by 721 members did very well on the November 4th election: 79% of the endorsed candidates and ballot measures won and we won in 84% in the races that we represent workers!

¡Si, Mi Familia Vota! - Why it is Important to Vote

Martha Mieles delivered remarks at Mi Familia Vota's Get Out the Vote kick off.

I'm an immigrant from El Salvador whose family came to the United States for a brighter future. My father's most valued liberty was the right to vote. He instilled in all of us the importance and responsibility of voting.

COPE Endorsed Candidates (and Ballot Measures) for November Election

Your vote is your voice.jpg(Updated October 16) Many of the COPE endorsed candidates from the June Primary have qualified for the General Election on November 4th. 

In addition, a few new candidates have recently been recommended by the COPE committee and endorsed by the SEIU 721 Executive Board. 

Make a Call for SEIU 721 Member/Candidate: Gregg Fritchle

Gregg Fritchle, SEIU 721 member and endorsed candidate for 55th Assembly District is looking for some volunteers for his campaign.

The Los Angeles County Democratic Party has set up an online phone bank for his campaign. You can volunteer and make a few phone calls to voters in the 55th District from the comfort of your home by clicking on this link: Phonebank for Greg

Greg is a Los Angeles County Social Worker, a long-time SEIU Local 721 and legacy Local 535 steward and bargaining team member. Gregg has fought for manageable workloads for child social services and social worker caseloads.

What's At Stake When You Don't Vote?

voice is your vote_web header.jpg
Some people say that when there's low voter turnout that people must be happy with how current city/county/state/federal leaders are doing things. Other people say that low voter turnout is because people think their vote doesn't matter. But in reality, people don't vote because they think their vote doesn't matter but by not voting you may be giving your vote to a candidate or cause you do not endorse.

SEIU Supported Mathur and Taylor Win CalPERS Board Election

Priya Mathur, left, and Theresa Taylor, right.
Priya Mathur, left, and Theresa Taylor, right

UPDATE: Oct. 1, 2014 - Priya Mathur and Theresa Taylor, SEIU endorsed candidates for the CalPERS board, both won clear majorities, avoiding runoff. Mathur won 56.2% of the vote to represent Local Agency members and Taylor received 54.6% of the vote to represent State members. Congratulations to both.

David Green Re-elected to LACERA Board

On August 7, 2014 David Green was re-elected to the LACERA Board.  He won by capturing nearly 80% of the vote! We are thrilled to have him represent us again.

Tapping into Compassion


(Photo Credit: Reuters) 
Protesters in Murrieta, California are intimidating and scaring children fleeing violence in Central America.  That's why SEIU locals in California are launching a week of action. We want to bring attention to this humanitarian crisis. We must put the children ahead of partisan politics. 

Prop 30: SEIU Members Turned the Tide on Cuts

In early 2012, SEIU 721 members decided to take action and help get a revenue option on the November ballot that would help stop the cuts and that effort became Proposition 30. 

From 2008-2011, SEIU 721 members lived up to the challenge of providing communities with quality services while having fewer resources, less staffing and enduring lay-offs, furloughs and reduced pay. 

Vote For David Green for LACERA Board

David Green has been an L.A. County Children's Social Worker for more than 13 years.  He needs your vote for his reelection to the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) Board of Investments.