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SEIU 721 represents public employees in dozens of cities from Los Angeles to Orange County. Our members work hard everyday to keep parks clean, streets paved, traffic moving, and to keep their cities safe and running smoothly.

Tentative Agreement for LA City Contract Heading to Members!

After well over a year of LA City Contract Negotiations, the Coalition of LA City Unions have announced a tentative agreement between the City of Los Angeles and the Coalition of LA City Unions.

Whittier College Adjuncts Win First Union Contract

Congratulations to SEIU Local 721 Adjuncts at Whittier College who just ratified their first union contract!

Crisis in L.A. County: Asking for the Humanly Impossible of Eligibility Workforce

When L.A County's most vulnerable families are in need of critical services including access to life-saving medical care, their first stop has to be getting their case approved through an L.A. County Eligibility Caseworker. However Eligibility Caseworkers are being asked to do the humanly impossible: to individually process the cases of over 3,000 families! That's right, throughout L.A. County, Eligibility Workers and Clerical Staff are drowning in a sea of cases with urgent demands from more and more families in desperate need and a system that has yet to catch up. 

Epic Vote Clears the Way for a $15 Minimum Wage in the City of L.A.

Just a couple of years ago a $15 minimum wage seemed like a pipe dream, today it's one step closer to being a reality thanks to the relentless work of SEIU 721 in fighting to raise the wage floor in Los Angeles. On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council cleared the way to put the City on track to bring up the minimum wage up to $15.00/hr. by 2020.

LAPMA Bargaining Update May 2015

In December of 2014 the Coalition of City Unions and the City Administrative Officer agreed to go into "mediation" to attempt to settle some legal issues. We have been meeting since then with key City representatives and principals from each union in the Coalition.

Statement on Behalf of Bob Schoonover - President of SEIU Local 721


Immediate Release 
April 16, 2015
Contact: Coral Itzcalli
213 321-7332

Statement on behalf of Bob Schoonover, President of SEIU Local 721:

"In the last 48 hours, the SEIU 721 bargaining team and our Fix LA community partners have finally witnessed some movement at the bargaining table. For that reason we have decided to not initiate a strike today.  However, key issues for our members and the communities they serve must still be fully addressed.

The strike authorized by our 10,000 member-strong unit has also obtained full sanction by the Executive Board of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. Our SEIU 721 rank and file members remain fully committed to doing whatever it takes to Fix LA and protect the jobs of the men and women who keep LA city running. 

At the moment, our bargaining team will remain dedicated to the on-going mediation process with the goal of reaching a fair agreement and delivering a better City to our families and our communities."




>> Download the press release


Overwhelming 86% yes vote for a strike and full backing from community leaders and clergy allows 10,000 members to escalate their fight with rallying cry "Our Streets, Not Wall Street!"

Honoring our Labor Legacy

Join Southern California's elected, community and labor leaders in honoring the legacy of four extraordinary individuals who have left their indelible mark in the lives of working families, the communities we live in and our labor movement at the First Annual Labor Legacy Awards hosted by SEIU Local 721

 on Friday, March 27. 

This special event starts at 6 p.m., at the SEIU 72 union hall on 1545 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles.

NASCAR Tribute to Labor Discount Tickets for Auto Club 400 Race

NASCAR and Auto Club Speedway is honoring union members with discount tickets to the upcoming Auto Club 400 race. SEIU 721 is a proud sponsor of this special offer. 

Sunday, March 22
Auto Club Speedway
9300 Cherry Avenue
Fontana, CA  92335

Each ticket is just $39! Over a $50 savings! 
• Huge savings for reserved seating
• Exclusive pre-race pit pass
• Complimentary parking
• Union appreciation throughout the race
• All day entertainment for the entire family

Come on out and wear your 721 purple with pride! To purchase tickets, visit or call 800-944-RACE (7223). Remember to tell them you are an SEIU 721 member for the discount.

Click here to download the event flyer..

Offer expires March 12 or while supplies last.

Armed with Giant Band-­Aids, City Workers and Community Allies Declare: City Hall, LA is Hurting! Fix LA NOW!

Thumbnail image for Dockweiler.jpg

LA City workers--backed by clergy, residents and organizations in the Fix LA coalition--took action at more than 70 work sites from Playa Del Rey to the San Gabriel Valley and from the San Fernando Valley to LAX and the Port of Los Angeles in order to expose the health, safety and quality of life impacts facing Los Angeles and demand that City Hall end an era of pain and drastic cuts to vital jobs and city services. 

To see what actions your fellow workers took on Tuesday, check out Fix LA on Facebook and Twitter.

City of LA job cuts--more than 5,000 positions held primarily by people of color have been wiped out since Wall Street crashed the economy in 2008--have had a severe impact on the city's communities and working families. For example, the city's 39,000 catch basins, which filter storm water before it travels to LA's rivers and beaches, require 80 workers to maintain--but the city only has 24, less than a third of the number required to keep toxic trash from polluting our waterways. In addition, the number of city mechanics has dropped by 20%, resulting in deferred maintenance to LA's aging fleet, frequent equipment breakdowns that keep trash trucks off the street, and a potential safety hazard to the public.

"My co-workers and I are doing everything possible to keep the public safe, but we need elected officials to stand up to the big Wall Street banks and commit to reinvesting services and protecting residents," said Stacee Karnya, a chemist at the Hyperion treatment plant, where raw sewage is processed before the water is released to the ocean. "Without adequate workforce or functioning equipment to get the job done, LA neighborhoods and beaches remain at risk."

Karnya joined several dozen workers who poured out of their laboratories during their lunch breaks to march across a skybridge to Dockweiler Beach, drop two banners, and stage a speakout with environmental advocates, coastal residents, and Westside community organizations.

Fix LA has uncovered that Wall Street banks charge LA taxpayers nearly $300 million in transaction fees alone, but to date City Hall has failed to renegotiate these payments to bring money back to Los Angeles and restore city services. 

The citywide actions kicked off at 6:30 am when sanitation workers from the South LA yard were joined by clergy, community leaders and Councilmember Jose Huizar to call out the city's aging fleet. The number of city mechanics has dropped by 20%, resulting in deferred maintenance, frequent equipment breakdowns that keep trash trucks off the street, and a potential safety hazard to the public.

"We are tired of seeing millions of dollars go to big banks while our families and neighborhoods are pushed to the brink," said Jaime Zeledón, a Mar Vista Gardens resident of the Westside renewal group POWER. "We are the ones who have to put up with the sewage overflows and unguarded schools crossings. I'm tired of hearing politicians claim that 'there is no money' for the basic services our communities need, when we know there is a surplus and no one at City Hall is taking on Wall Street for all those fees."

The actions come as bargaining grinds on between management and the Coalition of LA City Unions, which represents approximately 20,000 city workers - over 75% of which are people of color. Fix LA, which includes those unions and a growing array of community and advocacy organizations, are bargaining together as workers and residents to address the deterioration of services, quality of life, and access to middle-class jobs. Specific platform proposals include restoring City staffing levels and vital services to pre-recession levels, promoting a minimum $15 wage, adding crossing guards to elementary and middle schools, and a local hire/job training program to address an aging workforce.  

LA is Hurting. Take Action to #FixLA Now!

Slashed jobs, service cuts and outsourcing have left the city we love hurting. 

Instead of working with us to restore city services and Fix LA, City Hall continues to push for even more cuts including making LA City workers pay $1,600 or more a year for health insurance and slashing lifetime earnings--while still funneling $300 million a year to Wall Street. 

Make Kid Smile This Holiday Season


It is time for the SEIU Local 721 34th Annual Holiday Toy Drive. The theme is "A Winter Wonderland." There are 3 ways to help:

SEIU 721 and Fix LA Help LA Port Drivers Get Back to Bargaining and Off Strike Lines

Striking Port of LA truck drivers are back at the bargaining table thanks to support from SEIU Local 721 City of Los Angeles workers and members of the Fix LA coalition. It was solidarity between labor, the community and faith organizations that helped pressure port management into resuming talks.

We Stand United with Port of LA Truck Drivers!

Port strike meme 1.jpg

SAN PEDRO - In an inspiring act of public-private sector solidarity, City of Los Angeles employee joined striking truck drivers at picket lines this week and will continue to take shifts as long as the strike lasts, an official reported. SEIU 721 -- which represents 10,000 blue and white collars workers across all LA's municipal departments -- has also lent staff and other strategic resources to assist the truck drivers in the Justice for LA/LB Port Drivers movement, a campaign supported by Teamsters Joint Council 42. 

"Every day I'm out at the terminals I see the drivers' exploitation firsthand. If any group of workers needs a union, it's the truckers here," said Garrick Gilham, a San Pedro resident and deck hand who has worked for the Port of Los Angeles since 2008. "These are highly skilled, professional drivers who work in a dangerous industry, and their low wages and mistreatment is as atrocious as it is illegal. I am ready to do whatever it takes to help them unite on the job and achieve justice for their families."

Under the banner "We're Bargaining to Fix LA," Garrick and his co-workers' have been negotiating a set of proposals they jointly drafted in July with the LA City Coalition of Unions, and Fix LA - a new alliance representing resident and taxpayer interests, community groups, and clergy.  The central theme of their bargaining is to make LA a better place to live and work by improving the quality of jobs and services.

SEIU 721 is in a strong partnership with the over 20 organizations united in Fix LA and felt compelled to bring neighborhood stakeholders with them to the table to challenge Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council to restore neighborhood services to pre-recession levels, protect and expand middle-class jobs, protect public safety, and stand up to Wall Street. The 80,000-member public sector local also sponsors the Fight for $15, a campaign spearheaded by fast-food workers to bring a living wage and union rights to Southern California. Its elected leaders and rank-and-file members view the port truck drivers' struggle at the nation's largest port complex as a logical extension of the Fix LA movement. 

"Fixing the port is fixing LA," SEIU Local 721 President Bob Schoonover declared in a recent front-line strike video on You Tube documenting port driver unrest that have prevented goods from moving out of the terminals. "This is really a problem....Even the jobs that are being created are not the right jobs."

Schoonover, a former City of LA heavy-duty mechanic stepped up his criticism this week as drivers from more companies walked off the job: "The Port of LA brings in billions of dollars to the regional economy. This will never be a world-class city if its leaders permit workers who are the backbone of our economy to toil in third-world conditions and poverty."   

The Teamsters Joint Council 42 has embraced the support from City of LA employees, and similarly partnered with SEIU 721 to back Fix LA bargaining proposals for job creation programs that train and employ local residents, end part-timing and contracting out to undercut standards, establish a minimum $15 wage with enforcement, and put crossing guards at every school to protect public safety. 

"The Teamsters are here to fight for the future of LA,"‖Randy Cammack, President of Joint Council 42 Teamsters and Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 63 announced at a Fix LA march that brought over 1,500 city workers and community residents together in the streets of Downtown LA last month. "Whether it's today with our trucks, tomorrow at the bargaining table, or the day after on the picket line, we are building a movement in which the people who move containers out of the Port of Los Angeles are building power with the men and women who haul trash for the City. We won't allow Wall Street and the giant corporations -- or the politicians who are beholden to them -- rob Angelenos of the American Dream," he added.

As part of that movement, SEIU 721 members have been working with the Teamsters and Fix LA partners to improve City Hall minimum wage proposals to guarantee $15 an hour and include provisions to end wage theft, which plagues port trucking, retail and warehouse where Walmart dominates, and in the fast-food industry. 

Next month the coalition is expected to present to Mayor Garcetti and the City Council's EERC committee on proposals to stop corporate giveaways and recover taxpayer revenue from Wall Street to restore vital city services that Angelenos need. 

Fix LA Stands Up to the Grim Reapers of Wall Street

More than 1,000 outraged residents, religious leaders and city workers descend on Bunker Hill financial district and city hall and declared "LA is not Wall Street's ATM." They urged city leaders to restore vital city services and middle-class jobs.

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