Los Angeles

On April 8, LA City Bargaining Team members participated in a summit to discuss upcoming negotiations with management and solutions to make the city better.
For employees eligible for Flex benefits, LA City is announcing the 2014 Dependent Eligibility Verification program. The program is designed to ensure that all dependents enrolled in Flex health plans are actually eligible for coverage. It's part of the City's commitment to control health care costs and promote the sustainability of our health benefits.
The Fix LA Coalition is still taking over the airwaves. On April 1, SEIU Local 721 Research Analyst Lisa Cody appeared on KPFK's Uprising Radio program to talk about Fix LA's recently-released report showing that Wall Street is charging the City of LA more than $200 million in fees each year.
The meeting started sharply at 5.00 p.m. with the introduction of 14 Steward Members from various departments such as Public Works, LAPD, LAWA and others.
Retirement Board trustees are responsible for overseeing and investing our money. That's why re-electing Elizabeth Greenwood to the LACERS Board is so critical. She's the only candidate who has the knowledge, guts and integrity that we need to protect our future.
At a lively March 25 rally in front of the Bank of NY Mellon in Los Angeles, the Fix LA Coalition unveiled a groundbreaking research report, entitled "No Small Fees: LA Spends More on Wall Street than Our Streets," revealing that Wall Street charges the City of Los Angeles more than $200 million in fees.
After a vigorous campaign and thousands of votes cast, the results of the SEIU 721 LA City Bargaining Team election are in. Below are the names of your 2014 Bargaining Team members listed by MOU.
On Feb. 19, LA City Stewards met at the SEIU 721 headquarters to have their monthly meeting.
I attended the Jan. 15 LA/OC Cities and Districts Stewards' and Leaders' Council meeting at SEIU Local 721. As an LA City member from MOU 8, which joined SEIU 721 a few years ago, I am always seeking opportunities to learn more about my job as a steward.
It's time to fill out the LA City 2014 Contract Campaign Bargaining Survey. It only takes 15 minutes and it's time very well spent.