Representing members who work for the Superior Courts of LA County, Ventura County and Riverside County.

We won a tremendous victory by championing quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans!

When tens of millions were threatened with the loss of their healthcare coverage, hundreds of thousands were threatened with the loss of their jobs, and tens of thousands were threatened with the loss of their lives, we fought back!

When we fight we win!

Join us on 3/23 for a Day of Action to protect jobs & health:

On Thursday, March 23rd, SEIU 721 members are taking the day off for a Day of Action to protect jobs and health care.

Processions & Vigils to Protect Healthcare in Lancaster & Fullerton

In a peaceful demonstration, concerned patients, providers and community members walked from 38th St W and Paddock Way, to Knight's Lancaster home, and from Hiltscher Park to Royce's Fullerton home, on Thursday evening, to deliver a clear message to the Congressmen about the harm they have wrought.

Emergency Processions & Vigils in Fullerton & Lancaster on February 23

Ed Royce and Steve Knight refuse to meet with us, so we have to take our stories to their doorsteps.  

Congressmen Royce and Knight voted to defund and repeal our country's healthcare system without a plan to replace it. This means all of us are going to pay more for fewer benefits and less coverage.

Because Congressmen Royce and Knight voted to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 5 million in California will lose health coverage, and 334,000 in the Golden State will lose jobs.

With no coverage but the emergency room, every year, 43,956 Americans will die.

Anti-worker. Anti-union. Pro-corporation. Pro-1%. Gorsuch is wrong for the Supreme Court, and wrong for America!

Donald Trump attacked us when he nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. 

In the words of SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry, "this is a step backwards for every American who wants a good job, the opportunity for a better life for their family, and a real voice in our economy and democracy."

If Gorsuch is confirmed, the Supreme Court will rule against the communities we serve by gutting the public sector, silencing worker voice, and doing away with collective bargaining.

Click here to tell Senators Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris to stop Gorsuch!

National Call-In Day: Take Action To Save The ACA

Today is National Call-In Day!Please join us in taking two actions:

SEIU Local 721 President's Report for November 2016


In accordance with our SEIU Local 721 by-laws, it is my honor as your President, to submit this report to you on our Union's activities. To read the full report, please use this link.

Together We Won In California

There's too much at stake for our members and our communities to not be leading advocates for a better California. When we fight together, we win for the Golden State. 

SEIU Local 721 President's Report for October 2016


In accordance with our SEIU Local 721 by-laws, it is my honor as your President, to submit this report to you on our Union's activities. To read the full report, please use this link.

Everything You Need On Election Day in the IE, LA, and the Tri-Counties!

We've got candidate recommendations - whether you live in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, or the Tri-Counties region!

POLLS ARE OPEN FROM 8 AM TO 8 PM ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8: Click here to verify your polling location and to review your customized voter guide!

VOTING IS A RIGHT, NOT A PRIVILEGE! If anyone attempts to interfere with your right to vote, please call 1-866-OUR-VOTE, (1-866-687-8683) or visit right away!

Public workers have felt the brunt of multi-millionaires' greed, with cuts to key public services hurting us all, and understaffing across cities and counties forcing so many to work more for less. Voting is how we make sure working families have the opportunity to do better. Our union voice matters!


So show your power and make your voice heard at the ballot box! Vote for candidates who will stand up for working families and make sure your fellow union members vote, too!




Court Workers Win in Superior Court Judge Races

My name is Victor Orozco, and I'm a Court Services Assistant II at the Pasadena Courthouse. While many people will be talking about election results for various offices in the California June Primary, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate LA County Superior Court Workers.  All of our endorsed candidates for LA County Superior Court Judge made it into the top two yesterday, and will go on to the general election.  I want to especially congratulate all the union members that took the time to interview the candidates at the union endorsement town hall meeting back in February.


San Bernardino Courts TA!

We've reached a tentative agreement with San Bernardino Courts! 

Our L.A.S.C. Bargaining Team is Ready!

Our Los Angeles Superior Court contracts are set to expire on June 30 of this year, and our Bargaining Team is determined to represent the needs of our members and all those we serve through court services and the justice system!

Please take a few moments to let us know what you think about bargaining this year: Click here to complete the L.A. Superior Court Contract 2016 Bargaining Survey! 

SEIU 721 Executive Board 2016 Election Information

It's official. The 2016 Executive Board (E-Board) Election process is well under way.

Ballots must be returned to and received at the post office by 9 am on March 11, 2016 in the envelope provided

Happy New Year from SEIU 721

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Holiday hours at all SEIU 721 offices are as follows:

Monday, Dec. 28 - Wednesday, Dec. 30: Regular Office Hours

Thursday, Dec. 31: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Recreation will close at 12 noon)

Friday, Jan. 1: Closed