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Riverside County Bargaining News 1.30.17

The SEIU 721 bargaining team has been negotiating in good faith with Riverside County but the county has continuously chosen to take the low road with an overreliance on aimless cuts rather than thinking through solutions that can benefit everyone. 

Riverside County Workers Are Refusing to Be Victims!

 Following reports of physical attacks on Riverside County Hemet Clinic care providers and bricks being thrown through windows, SEIU Local 721 hosted a "We Must Protect Ourselves" self-defense course (WATCH VIDEO) for all Riverside County Hemet Clinic care professionals on January 18th.

Professional Self-Defense Training for Riverside County Members!

On December 14th we filed a grievance demanding the County address the serious workplace safety issues, and we held a "Safety Check" immediately after to let them know that fearing for our lives at work is not normal

Bargaining to Raise the Standards (Riv. Co Bargaining News)

SEIU Local 721 members are bargaining to raise up the standards at every worksite and every department in Riverside County! 

Fearing for Your Life at the Workplace Cannot be the New Normal

Hemet, CA --A group of care professionals at Riverside County's Hemet Clinic are taking an affirmative stand against the safety breaches that have hit an all-time high at the clinic. On Wednesday, December 21st, the Riverside County employees held a "Safety Check" in front of the clinic to air their safety concerns and fears.


Riverside County Mental Care Professionals Demand A Fix To Chronic Safety Breaches at Hemet Clinic

Hemet, CA--A group of care professionals are gearing up for a worksite action outside of the Riverside County Hemet clinic to highlight the urgent need to ramp up the security measures at the clinic. The worksite action, known as a Safety Check, arrives on the heels of countless reports of serious safety breaches at the clinic over the past year including physical altercations with individuals under the influence and those struggling with mental disorders. 

Riverside Co. Bargaining Update for Nov 28th

Your Riverside County Bargaining Team has been busy negotiating a new, strong contract that raises up all of Riverside County! 

Riverside City Council Approves Contract

We did it!  After months of taking a stand and being vocal, our Tentative Agreement (TA) was approved by the  Riverside City Council on Tuesday, November 8th.

Riverside County General Membership Meeting


It's in our hands to champion a contract that guarantees living wages for all, prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of all residents and frontline workers, and restores public services to the highest levels.

Purple Up Tuesdays With Riverside County

Your SEIU Local 721 Bargaining Teams began contract negotiations and are committed to fighting at the bargaining table for every member.

Meet the Riverside County RN and General Unit Bargaining Teams!

We have the power to champion and win a contract that guarantees living wages for all, prioritizes the safety and well-being of all residents and frontline workers, and restores public services to the highest levels.

It's In Our Hands to Raise Up Riverside County!


We SEIU 721 Riverside County members are united and committed to Raising Up Riverside County for our communities, and the hard-working women and men that keep the County thriving.

Time to Make Your Voice Heard to Raise Up Riverside County

Now more than ever, working under a union contract is the gold standard for American workers. But how much that gold standard shines is up to you as a union member, don't let your opportunity to weigh in your new contract pass you by!  The SEIU Local 721 Riverside County Bargaining Team is now taking an online survey of members' priorities, issues and endeavors for the upcoming Riverside County contract, and now is the moment to give your input.

Riverside County - Walk In Our Shoes


SEIU 721 County of Riverside members serve the community and often County leaders and even high-level managers don't understand the complexity, pressure and sometimes danger of the work that members do on a daily basis.

SEIU 721 Riverside County Bargaining Team - Results Are In!


Congratulations to the new 2016 SEIU Local 721 Riverside County Bargaining Team! The bargaining team election was held on April 22.

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