Slashed jobs, service cuts and outsourcing have left the city we love hurting.

Workers like us and our Fix LA community partners are taking action Tuesday, February 10 at worksites across LA to let City Hall know it’s time to #FixLA NOW!

Why are we taking action? Because instead of working with us to restore city services and Fix LA, City Hall continues to push for even more cuts, including making you pay $1,600 or more a year for health insurance and slashing your lifetime earnings–while still funneling $300 million a year to Wall Street.

Your Bargaining Team has stood its ground against the City’s proposed cuts. We are currently in a mediation process determined to continue protecting the services we provide for our City of Angels.

Stand with your fellow city workers!

Below are some of the actions LA City Workers are taking citywide on Tuesday, February 10.

For more information on how you can take action, contact your worksite organizer or call 877-721-4YOU.

New actions are being confirmed every day. To get real-time updates on the actions workers are taking across LA on Tuesday, like us on Facebook at  or follow us on Twitter at


Hyperion Treatment Plant/Dockweiler Beach – 11:30am Press Event

Workers from LA City’s wastewater and storm water divisions are marching off the job and joining environmentalists, community leaders and LA residents in a demonstration and press conference to call out severe understaffing and the impact on sewage and catch basin cleanup and the environmental health of our rivers and beaches.

South Los Angeles Sanitation Yard – 6:30am Press Event
Trash truck drivers, mechanics and workers from LA City Street Services will rally and march over the 7th Street Bridge to blow the whistle on the short staffing of mechanics resulting in deferred maintenance on trucks and city equipment, highlighting the impact on city services and potential safety hazards for the public.

Department of Transportation
Traffic officers citywide will be wearing bumper-size band-aid stickers and shifting their attention from just writing tickets to other important services that have been scaled back since 2008. Key services that have a direct impact on the quality of life for LA residents but have been severely scaled back include removal of abandoned vehicles and attending service calls.

LA Zoo

Zoo workers are wearing band-aid stickers and holding a demonstration to call attention to staff cuts that have made it difficult for workers to do their jobs. The public visiting our LA Zoo on that day will also be getting a leaflet on the call for City Hall to Fix LA.
Los Angeles Airport

Workers at several LAX terminals are wearing band-aid stickers and leafleting the public to call attention to severe staffing shortages that directly impact the operations of one of our nation’s busiest airports.

Public Works

Engineers and other workers are holding demonstrations and passing out leaflets to the public to call attention to staff shortages and outsourcing, which has led to missed deadlines and cost overruns on key projects.
Additional Action Locations: Workers will be taking part in various actions ranging from whistle-blowing press conferences to demonstrations and public leafleting.

Recreation and Parks

Venus Yard



Point Fermin

Algin Sutton


Encino Balboa

Sepulveda Basin

Orcutt Ranch

Cabrillo Beach

General Services

South LA Shelter

East Valley Shelter

West Valley Shelter

North Central Shelter

24th Street Yard

Van Nuys Garage

North Central Refuse Yard

Piper Tech Warehouse

7th Street Yard


Hyperion Treatment Plant

Public Works


Cal State LA

Port of Los Angeles Workers

San Pedro City Hall

Department of Transportation

Hollywood Division

Western Division

South Division

Valley Division

Central Division

Meter Repair

Field Operations

Los Angeles Fire Department

LAFD Headquarters

Street Services 

Roving Crew 152

Roving Crew 154

Roving Crew 155

Roving Crew 159

Roving Crew 256

Roving Crew 252

Roving Crew 254


Southwest Yard

Denver Yard

Southeast Yard

Van Nuys Yard

North Hollywood Yard

San Fernando Yard

Topanga Yard

East Yard

Los Angeles Airport

Terminal 1

Terminal 2

Terminal 3

Terminal 4

Terminal 5

Terminal 6

Terminal 7

Terminal 8

Outlying Areas



Bus Operations


South Yard

N. Central Yard

West LA

East Valley 

West Valley