Assemblyman John Perez agreed to amend his bill to protect emergency road services.
"The defeat of Prop 1E sends a strong message to Sacramento to create a balanced budget that preserves mental health services that will help people."
San Francisco's city attorney joined more than 200 California Superior Court employees to speak out against closures and furloughs that will hurt children and families.
Court employees from across California crowded the steps of the court's headquarters in San Francisco to stop closures and cuts that would hurt families and public safety.
After LA Superior Court announced it will shut courthouse doors to the public one day a month, court employees represented by SEIU and other unions spoke out about the impact on services.
Hundreds of LA County crew members visited Assembly member John Perez in his LA office to oppose AB 1409 -- his legislation that would open the door for expensive outside contractors to repair roads and streets.
More than 200 SEIU 721 members from all over the county attended the Los Angeles County budget hearing May 13 to launch contract negotiations and talk about the need to maintain core services for residents especially during the economic downturn.
"I'm Ron Ruiz. I'm a member of LA County's mental health care team. We help families and individuals struggling with serious illness."We know that...
When Animal Control Officers follow firefighters into a burn zone to rescue stranded pets, safety shouldn't be an afterthought.