The casualties of this budget "solution" will be huge--greater than we can even imagine. Instead of just looking at people as numbers on a balance sheet, the governor and legislature have to recognize that we are all human beings, many with families, working hard to get by.
The new CONTRACT ACTION TEAM--CAT for short--is bringing together SEIU 721 mental health team members to improve jobs and quality care for clients.
"With budget cuts of over $68 million, it's important to work together with DMH to make transformation a success and continue to provide quality care...
Over a thousand community members and county workers gathered at the LA County Hall of Administration on June 22 to speak out against the Governor's budget proposal that would deny basic health care and home care to millions of children, students, seniors and people with disabilities. Here's what they had to say...
Assemblywoman Norma Torres is right when she states that cuts to health and human services programs will end up costing the state more money in the long-run because people who are denied care will end up with more serious conditions that incur further - and more expensive - costs.
Let's stand strong for taxes on big oil and tobacco instead of $2 billion more in cuts to: - Education - Healthy Families - CalWorks - Local Services - Home Health Care - State Parks - Jobs and the economy - New revenues Free bus transportation will be available from many LA County worksites
It's changing Los Angeles County's mental health system in every way to create a client-centered and family-focused way of supporting hope, wellness, and recovery in...
South LA community leaders and LA County health care workers gathered at Martin Luther King Multi Ambulatory Care Center to call on the Governor and Legislators to create a budget that preserves basic health care for children, seniors and people with disabilities.
Even if I wasn't a nurse in LA County I'd be concerned about health care in this country. More than 60 million Americans have no doctor.
More than 100 court employees packed the lobby of the Administrative Office of the Courts in Burbank to pressure them to keep courts open.
Democratic leaders say everything's on the table as they begin studying deep painful cuts - and possibly more tax and fee increases - to close an anticipated $24 billion budget gap.
After hearing from SEIU 721 members about the impact on the public, legislators have agreed to shift some money from an expensive computer system and cut the statewide Courts deficit in half.
The state budget crisis is already unraveling the fabric of life in California. As a medical case worker for the children's clinic at Edelman Westside Mental Health Center, I'm part of a team that's trying to keep the threads--and families--from breaking.
In the Antelope Valley, where I live and work, jobs are already scarce. Lately, I'm seeing clients who had what they thought were secure decent jobs. They've exhausted unemployment and savings and now they're doing the unthinkable - signing up for public assistance.
California is facing its biggest economic crisis, but the Governor's budget cuts will create an even bigger disaster for our most vulnerable patients.
After numerous complaints from union members and labor management meetings between SEIU 721 shop stewards and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) management, EMS Administration has ordered...
I'm here in Sacramento with other court employees from across the state to meet with legislators about why closing courts is going to hurt the public. I've worked for the courts for 24 years, but this is the first time I've done something like this.
Eliminating programs, cutting thousands of positions and turning families on to the streets will devastate Los Angeles County but there is something we can do about it. Speak out with hundreds of other SEIU members against cuts to services, June 22, 2009.
Together for a cleaner hospital. LAC+USC Administration, EVS Operations, EVS workers and Union Leaders are working together to make our hospital cleaner and a better place for patients and a better place to work.
Members corralled Supervisor Mike Antonovich at the Trail Dusters Ride on May 31, where he expressed support for members' safety concerns.
Library employees say they get 100-200 titles a month that don't meet the needs of their communities. Here are some of the worst offenders and most-wanted best-sellers.
"We're at a turning point on direct service goals. Dr. Southard made it clear that no one should be punished around direct service billing. He...
"Our competency testing is a move toward achieving excellence in quality patient care and in meeting the needs of the community. We are ensuring patient care safety."
Downtown Mental Health Clinic, a county facility in Downtown Los Angeles, has almost completely transformed to a Wellness Program already and as part of that process SEIU Local 721 and DMH management met on Dec. 17, 2008, to open a dialogue over proposed changes to DMHC's current traditional model.
Sign our petition to Superior Court leaders to help keep California's busiest courts open during the budget crisis.