by Mellonie Freeman, Emergency Response Social Worker, LA County Social work is a high-stakes, high-intensity job. When I get an emergency call I don't know...
President Obama says we've got to start taking responsibility for our own health. I think he's right.
Over 200 LA County workers gathered at SEIU 721 headquarters July 25 to hear the latest updates on contract negotiations including the fiscal impact of the state budget on LA County.
Griselda Iniguez is a children's social worker for LA County. She recently spent an emotional day with a representative from Supervisor Gloria Molina's office, showing her the challenges we face every day.
SEIU members have been demanding the AOC open its books -- and keep courts open -- for months. Now judges have joined the call for budget transparency.
Bargaining for a new Los Angeles County contract is now under way. County management delivered its first proposal to the Bargaining Policy Committee late last week.
Hundreds of people stood in line as the nation's busiest courthouses closed on Wednesday, July 15. LA County court employees passed out flyers and dispensed free advice to worried court-goers.
Children's advocates gathered Tuesday, July 14, at the Children's Law Center to speak about what cuts there would mean for LA's most vulnerable kids.
SEIU 721 was informed by management that 150 Library Aides and Pages will be released for budgetary reasons in August 2009. SEIU 721 staff and leaders believe that the jobs of Library Aides and Pages can be saved with the Obama Administration's Economic Recovery Funds and through your involvement we can convince the County to do so.
In the past we might not have reported injuries because they seemed like part of the job. But foot injuries and safety risks should not be part of the job.
Despite shocking evidence of overcrowded, unsafe, and unsanitary conditions at LA County animal shelters, the CEO is still pretending safety problems don't exist.
LA County library workers gathered at an emergency meeting this week to discuss and plan actions around LA County management's intent to release library aides and pages as a means to mitigate budget shortfalls.
The new mental health advisor for Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas is a long-time member activist of SEIU 721.Kathleen Austria--who was a recreational...
More than 2000 runners, walkers and bike riders are expected to converge at Dockweiler Beach to enjoy a fun morning in the sun while helping raise money for children with cancer, premature born babies, and other worthy charities.
When tight parking at Shatto reached a crescendo, Beverly Warren and Claudia Mosley-Brown decided to do something about it.
Families, seniors, persons with disabilities and others urge Assembly Speaker Karen Bass to stand up for public services and pass a fair budget at Monday rally.