On the day the contract covering 55,000 county employees is set to expire, LA County library management announced the layoffs for dozens of library aides and pages, which will directly impact service at the county's 84 libraries.
SEIU members were out in front of the cameras and mics at County Hall yesterday, talking to reporters about what building a better LA will mean for residents and employees.
More than 2,800 LA County employees made a statement Sept. 29 at the Hall of Administration. With just one day to go before contracts expired for 55,000 people represented by the County's largest union, SEIU 721 members appealed to the Board of Supervisors and sent bargaining teams back to action.
With contracts between LA County and its largest employee union set to expire at midnight on September 30, LA County employees call on the Board of Supervisors to support an agreement that protects services in the economic downturn.
The pressure is mounting. For the past two weeks, our rallies on wheels have rolled through dozens of worksites reaching thousands of members. Our union...
LA County Public Works crews are cleaning up the damage after the Station fire in the Los Angeles National Forest. But they can't repair the memories.
Park employees have a common-sense plan to make our parks safer: better lighting, regular sheriff's patrols and uniforms for park employees to make them a visible part of public safety.
Los Angeles County workers are gearing up for action as contract talks for 55,000 members near the finish line.
SEIU 721 employees got national exposure when they were featured in the New York Times. Dozens of Los Angeles Superior Court employees traveled to San Francisco to speak up for public services as California's busy courts closed for the first time due to budget cuts.
Librarians and library workers gathered for a press conference to highlight up to $3 million in savings if L.A. county adopts a community-centered book purchasing system rather than its current practice of centralized book purchasing.
"I remember when there was no hospital in our neighborhood," Thrash said. "The closure devastated our community and my co-workers once again and I will help reopen it. We need this hospital."
Help social workers by filling out the survey. Social workers representing all major areas have been working steadily to articulate ways to improve the Los Angeles County child welfare system.
Nearly 200 court employees from across the state converged in San Francisco on a historic day of court closures to speak up for the millions of Californians who depend on Court services.
In the next installment of our social worker walk-aday in our shoes program, two deputies from Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's office accompanied two workers from the Chatsworth office on ride-alongs. As usual, the events were dramatic.
The SEIU 721 Rally on Wheels is rolling throughout worksites this week to gather support for our LA County contract campaign. Trucks provided music, campaign flags, t-shirts and food as SEIU 721 members rallied for a better LA County.
Thanks to RNs who either signed a petition or submitted a letter through our website, the LA County Board of Supervisors has heard our message:...
Accompanied by two deputies from LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky's office, Anne Thomas, ER social worker for 14 years, responded to alleged sexual abuse of four-year-old girl by her father.
Every day, the 6,000 Nurses of L.A. County strive to provide the highest quality patient care. We call on Los Angeles County to partner with nurses to remove current obstacles to quality and develop and implement practical solutions.
As California's courts close to the public for the first time since the Great Depression, court employees are taking a stand for the public.
Hundreds of nurses throughout the county are speaking out on behalf of our patients. We are identifying patient safety violations - violations which endanger patient safety and put our licenses at risk
With vital services and health care on the line, hundreds gather to take action for a better county. Over 300 SEIU 721 members packed our campaign meeting Saturday and are ready for the fight to build a better LA County. Now it's up to each of us to build support.
I just sent an email to hundreds of social workers in Southern California. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's budget put child welfare at risk, but additional cuts...