Social workers gathered Saturday, Oct. 17 for a forum on reforming the child welfare system. Participants heard firsthand about intensive efforts underway to work with the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, the public, community groups and experts to ensure social workers are heard and our recommendations for system reform are embraced.
Voices from "Reforming the Child Welfare System...From the Ground Up"
Your elected SEIU Local 721 Registered Nurse Bargaining Teams 311 and 312 are proud to report that your participation in your RN Contract Campaign has...
SEIU 721 members expressed shock after a newspaper finds cost overruns and lack of oversight in the Administrative Office of the Court's $1.75 billion statewide computer system.
Tuesday night, SEIU 721 Bargaining Policy Committee members tentatively agreed to a new 2-year union contract that provides an increase in health care contributions by the county. Additional information including a complete summary of the tentative agreement will be available soon.
Union bargaining team members reached a tentative agreement late Tuesday night that takes positive steps toward improving county services. The agreement preserves services in a time when many residents depend on the county safety net more than ever.
Librarians have a plan that would improve book selection at local libraries and save Los Angeles County money. But the library department doesn't want to hear it.
This just workers attending the forum Reforming Child Welfare...From the Ground Up will receive a special limited edition t-shirt specially designed for Oct. 17.
We are pleased to announce that Susan B. Edelstein will serve as our keynote speaker at the Oct. 17 social worker forum, "Reforming Child Welfare...From the Ground Up."
Child safety systems are under scrutiny by the community, media and elected officials - each one often criticizing not only the child welfare system but the workers who provide frontline services to keep children safe.
You have seen the headlines, you have read the articles and you have felt it in your pocket. Times are tough and we have assembled a strong team of negotiators to meet the challenges and win a stronger contract.
Bargaining team members will continued Oct. 6, to reach an agreement on a tentative 2-year contract for 55,000 LA County employees that adopts worker proposals to introduce new efficiencies to the county.
Lorraine Cavuoti, a supervising children's social worker in dependency investigations, addressed the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, Sept. 29 in response to Board motions that will affect case review in the Department of Children and Family Services.