Assemblyman Hector De La Torre called on the Administrative Office of the Courts to "reshuffle their priorities to keep the courthouse doors open with needed staff to serve the public."
Dozens of community members gather at the United Community Church in Glendale to learn about diminishing access to health care in the area and the importance of Glendale Health Center.
An open letter to LA court employees from SEIU 721 bargaining team leaders, AFSCME and CWA-CFI (interpreters).
A federal grant will develop green jobs in health care; two city grants will train individuals to advance in health care careers, specifically in South...
by Arnella Sims Los Angeles County court reporter and member of the SEIU Local 721 executive board (This opinion piece appeared in the Los Angeles Times online edition.) Economists, law enforcement officials and political and business leaders all agree: A healthy economy and our civil society depend on having timely, reliable access to our justice system. But you wouldn't know it reading The Times' Feb. 10 editorial, "Rebuilding California's courts."
SEIU 721 members in the LA County Parks and Recreation are launching a community food bank.
Department Head Listens to Recommendations from the Line, Adds Staff and Overtime to Aid "Over 30s"
Social workers and their clients took center stage as the LA County Board of Supervisors approved a major overhaul of social services for people with disabilities.
Social workers in Los Angeles County are speaking out to correct the record after a misleading article was published in the Los Angeles Times.
Brought to you by John A Perez (California State Assembly) and John Chiang (California State Controller)Call Today for an Appointment!Telephone Number: (213) 620-4646What to bringSocial...
Rain was falling, and the budget picture is stormy. But nearly 250 LA County court employees gathered on Saturday, February 6 to take action to stop layoffs and court closures.
Social workers show off our effectiveness at improving outcomes for people with disabilities and saving money.