Online learning courses for SEIU 721 members employed by the County of Los Angeles are available through The Learning Net, the County learning management system. ...
More than 150 children, seniors, students, homemakers, parents and grandparents filled the Santa Clarita Council Chambers on August 24 to oppose a plan that would remove the city from the LA County library system -- and nearly 50 stayed for the 11:15 PM vote that puts library services at risk.
Take a moment to send your own message to the Governor telling him to restore funding for child welfare.
The Palmdale ER referral brings attention to need for out of home care investigation unit for consistent foster home review.
Legislators exposed the inflated court costs at a hearing about government accountability in Sacramento on August 11.
It makes sense that children's social workers need car seats to do their jobs, right?
The Santa Clarita City Council wants to sell library services. What will that mean for the community?
After working with emergency response social workers, LA County Supervisor Knabe called them 'angels of God.' Watch the video.
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