The Los Angeles Times published an interview with Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe today in which he commends the work of LA County social workers and mentions the time he spent with frontline social workers through SEIU's Walk a Day in My Shoes program.
Workers in Southern California are transfixed, troubled and motivated to take action as the attacks unleashed by Republican Governor Scott Walker threaten to decimate collective bargaining rights for thousands of Wisconsin public service workers.
Southern California library workers speak up as California library programs face $30 million in cuts...
Health care is changing - and health care workers at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center (MLK-MACC) and Hubert H. Humphrey Comprehensive Health Center are leading the way in ideas for making our facilities amongst the strongest in Los Angeles County for patients.
Custodians and managers have been working together through an innovative partnership to build a modern environmental services department that meets the needs of the hospital and its patients.
Have you heard about the SEIU 721 Member Resource Center? It's an amazing resource that every member should know about.