Frontline custodians and managers at LAC+USC Medical Center have been working together to achieve a clean and healthful environment of care for our patients. And patients are responding.
More than 700 Los Angeles County employees attended a health fair on Wednesday, March 30, where they were treated to free health screenings and received other information about staying healthy.
On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated in Memphis, where he stood with sanitation workers who were demanding the right to bargain collectively and pursue their dream of a better life.
Watch this video and see how LA County social workers joined together to develop concrete reforms to improve the County's child welfare system. The results...
A recent National Social Work Month celebration commemorated the strides front-line workers have made to improve services for children and families in LA County.
On Saturday, March 26, thousands will gather in downtown Los Angeles to march and rally for good jobs and strong communities.
Custodians in the LAC+USC Medical Center Emergency Department launched our new Shift to Shift Communication System on Feb. 7. The system, which supports custodians transitioning their work between shifts just as physicians and nurses do, was developed by frontline custodians and managers through our labor-management partnership.
To recognize the important work social workers do to keep children and families safe, SEIU 721 is hosting a special celebration on Saturday, March 19.