Thursday October 6, 2011 join thousands of 721 members, homeowners, community members, faith leaders and students as we rally in the heart of LA's financial district to MAKE WALL STREET BANKS PAY! Homeowners will be calling on banks to keep families in their home through modifications with principal reduction, for the banks to pay the taxes that they owe, and for foreclosed properties to be returned to families.
Join SEIU 721 members as we rally with Good Jobs LA to "Bridge the Gap". Community members will engage drivers on one of California's "structurally deficient" bridges and call on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act.
Transforming the Los Angeles County health system will mean focusing on the patients and the workers who serve them. That's why in a historic move SEIU 721 and Los Angeles County have partnered to bring the Unit-Based Team model to the County health system.
Join SEIU as we come together to discuss the critical issues facing Latino families and communities. During this time of unprecedented attacks on working families,...
The fight to stop the Privatization Beast from preying upon our public libraries celebrated another victory as the California State Senate passed AB 438 (Williams) on Sept. 9. This legislation requires basic protections for taxpayers and library patrons when library services are being considered for privatization.
SEIU members of 211 LA County overwhelmingly ratified a new contract agreement with the 211 LA County management that includes no wage cuts, maintains the Step Wage System, and strengthens language that empowers the union to meet with management about issues going forward.
Our economy is broken and our rights as workers are being threatened. Here in California and across the country we are dealing with record high unemployment rates, home foreclosures and gas prices while large corporations make record profits and pay nothing in taxes.
Marching side by side with mushroom, strawberry and grape pickers, SEIU 721 members joined nearly 3,000 farm worker supporters at the state capitol during Labor Day weekend.
Over 200 members from a community coalition of patients, workers and health care activists marched with SEIU 721 workers to save Clínica Romero.