SEIU 721 sent members Daren McDaniel, Sonya Laster, Carol Maxey-Ware, Tracey Boykins and staff member Adrian Lau to Ohio to help defeat a ballot referendum (Issue 2).
SEIU 721 member leaders and library workers from Los Angeles and Ventura counties led a successful 14-month campaign to proect quality public services and preserve good, middle class jobs at public libraries.
Over 300 SEIU members from Southern California and across the country gathered from September 30 to October 1 for a pre-convention Latino Caucus Summit.
SEIU 721 members joined more than a thousand homeowners and community members as part of ReFund California to march through the Los Angeles Financial District. The large group of activists demanded that Wall Street Banks start paying their fair share and stop destroying our communities, forcing us out of our homes, and devastating state and county budgets causing cuts to essential services and high unemployment.
SEIU 721 members of the American Red Cross (ARC) voted unanimously to ratify a new contract with ARC management. The new contract maintains safe staffing levels at blood drives, guarantees affordable health insurance, and includes wage increases over 4 years.