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SEIU 721 represents more than 55,000 employees in Los Angeles County, stretching from the desert to the beaches. Our members provide quality parks, protect our drinking water, meet the needs of families, care for people at our hospitals and clinics, and much more for the 10 million people who live here.

LA Health Agency Town Hall, August 31, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Whole person care, quality services and good health service jobs we can be proud of! 

Get the latest on the integration of our departments, and help shape the future through 
our labor-management partnership!

Together, we're becoming L.A.'s provider and employer of choice. Everyday, exceptional health 
service workers, are delivering exceptional experiences in whole person care.

Together, we're building a state-of-the-art health agency. One that champions prevention, tailors 
services to support recovery and resiliency, and cultivates a safe and just culture to foster frontline innovation.

Together, we're writing the next chapter in high-quality, patient/client-centered, universally accessible, and coordinated care in our County.

Join us!

Los Angeles County Health Agency Town Hall
Wednesday, August 31
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

* Learn more about integration
* Keep up to date on our partnership
* Shape the future of healthcare

DHA & DPH Admin. Bldg. Auditorium - 313 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Virtual participation is available at multiple locations.

Please email your questions in advance: PIO@dmh.lacounty.gov

L.A. County CSW Candidates Win promotions and Retroactive Raises after Glitch

L.A. County CSW candidates fight for and win promotions and retroactive raises after DCFS personnel system computer glitch.

When problems with DCFS's new electronic Personnel Approval Request (ePAR) computer system delayed hundreds of paired-class promotions and raises, L.A. County Children's Social Workers used the strength of our union, SEIU 721.

As a result, DCFS management is fast-tracking a solution, and candidates will receive their promotions and a retroactive pay increase.

One of the successful candidates is Melissa Scheer, a CSW in the Pasadena office: "When the promotions and pay increases earned by Children's Social Workers failed to materialize, we organized through our union. Now we're getting retroactive raises," Scheer said.


According to an email from DCFS management: "The effective date of appointment for the CSW paired-class promotion will be retroactive to 30 days from the date of the candidate's promulgation to the applicable eligible register. As transactions are completed, retroactive compensation will be paid in a lump sum which will appear in the employee's paycheck."

CSWs: If you have questions or believe a deserved promotion is being held up, please contact your worksite organizer.

June 2016 President's Report


In accordance with our SEIU Local 721 by-laws, it is my honor as your President, to submit this report to you on our Union's activities. To read the full report, please use this link.

Our top story this month is the victory by San Bernardino Professionals, a textbook example of how member leadership can use the "Power of Purple" -- our union's deep resources; our experienced negotiators; our skilled team of attorneys, researchers, and communications experts; and our relationships with community, clergy, and political leaders -- to win game-changing wins at the bargaining table.

43rd California Assembly District Candidate meets with DPSS workers:

Come Talk to Ardy Kasskhian 2016-07-13 flush right.jpg

SEIU Local 721 2016 Regional Council Election

It's official. The SEIU Local 721 Regional Council Election process is under way!

Nominations for each of the four Regional Councils -- Los Angeles County, LA/OC Cities, Tri-Counties, and Inland Area -- will be accepted by Nomination Petition

Members who have been in continuous good standing for
the preceding two (2) years are eligible to be nominated. 

All nominating petitions are due no later than 5:00 PM on Monday, September 12, 2016. 

Quality Services At DPSS Start With Us!

L.A. County's Eligibility Workers (EWs) are leading the charge to better deliver and improve services at DPSS.  They've sounded the alarm on the ongoing issues that inhibit EWs from delivering critical services in a timely manner to the County's most vulnerable populations, and they're making headway with DPSS management!

L.A. County Children's Social Workers Meet to Develop Roadmap to Child Safety

SEIU 721 leaders, staff and L.A. County children's social workers huddled in June to plan the fight against recent efforts to scapegoat CSWs for the child safety crisis at L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.
Social Worker Roadmap.jpeg

SEIU California Endorses Safety for All Initiative


Sisters and Brothers,

This week, SEIU Local 721, alongside SEIU State Council and other SEIU Locals from across the state, announced our full support and endorsement of the Safety for All Initiative on the November 2016 ballot.

Access to Discount Tickets is now Only Available for Online Purchases

Attention members! There's been a recent change to how members can access recreation ticket services.

Making the Difference: From the June Primary to the November General Election!

The way we win elections is by talking with voters. And with over 500 shifts as volunteers in consistent door knocking canvasses, and marathon phone-banks, SEIU 721 helped make the difference for our endorsed candidates by running a winning member-to-member voter contact, education and GOTV operation!

One dozen of our State Senate, State Assembly, and County Supervisorial endorsed candidates won over 50% of the vote in the June Primary, and 35 State Senate, State Assembly, County Supervisorial, and Judicial candidates finished in the top two of their races, and will appear on the November General Election ballot. 

LA Countywide Fitness Challenge 2016

It's the seventh year of Countywide Fitness Challenge! Each year, County employees and their families have become more active and healthy by coming out to local outdoor venues to get their fitness on!  Last year's Countywide Fitness Challenge brought over 7,200 people out to our events!  The 2016 Countywide Fitness Challenge promises to be even more impressive!  

Community and Senior Services Transfer Opportunities for LA County Employees

There's transfer opportunities in LA County for Social Workers and Social Worker Trainees!

LAC+USC Bully Watch Team Delivers Key Victory and Rally!

For weeks, the unrelenting push by 721 members to eradicate bullying at LAC+USC and every DHS facility has put the perpetrators on notice, and has compelled CEOs from LAC+USC, MLK Outpatient Center and Harbor-UCLA to publicly acknowledge the bully crisis! Now comes the ultimate news from LAC+USC Administrators: they are moving beyond admitting there is a bully problem and are firmly committed to taking concrete steps to address the bullying epidemic head on.  

MLK Outpatient Center CEO Calls for an end to bullying in the workplace!

Count another small victory for the 721 members who have blown the doors open on exposing the bully crisis at DHS, and are leading the way to fix it! MLK Outpatient Center (OPC) CEO Cynthia M. Oliver joins the growing list of DHS Facilities' Chief Executive Officers who are stepping forward in acknowledging and condemning bullying behavior via department wide memos.

Bully Watch Action at LAC+USC on Wed, May 18th!

It's up to Bully Watch members at LAC+USC to uproot the toxic workplace environment by sticking up for one another and taking a stand against bullying in every department.


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