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SEIU 721 represents more than 55,000 employees in Los Angeles County, stretching from the desert to the beaches. Our members provide quality parks, protect our drinking water, meet the needs of families, care for people at our hospitals and clinics, and much more for the 10 million people who live here.

Community and Senior Services Transfer Opportunities for LA County Employees

There's transfer opportunities in LA County for Social Workers and Social Worker Trainees!

LAC+USC Bully Watch Team Delivers Key Victory and Rally!

For weeks, the unrelenting push by 721 members to eradicate bullying at LAC+USC and every DHS facility has put the perpetrators on notice, and has compelled CEOs from LAC+USC, MLK Outpatient Center and Harbor-UCLA to publicly acknowledge the bully crisis! Now comes the ultimate news from LAC+USC Administrators: they are moving beyond admitting there is a bully problem and are firmly committed to taking concrete steps to address the bullying epidemic head on.  

MLK Outpatient Center CEO Calls for an end to bullying in the workplace!

Count another small victory for the 721 members who have blown the doors open on exposing the bully crisis at DHS, and are leading the way to fix it! MLK Outpatient Center (OPC) CEO Cynthia M. Oliver joins the growing list of DHS Facilities' Chief Executive Officers who are stepping forward in acknowledging and condemning bullying behavior via department wide memos.

Bully Watch Action at LAC+USC on Wed, May 18th!

It's up to Bully Watch members at LAC+USC to uproot the toxic workplace environment by sticking up for one another and taking a stand against bullying in every department.

2016 Nursing Gala Celebrates the Real Stars of LA County & the Inland Region

Greeted by welcoming remarks presented by President Bob Schoonover, and Regional/RN Director Patricia Castillo, over 300 members of SEIU Local 721, their families, friends, and special guests came together on the evening of May 14 to celebrate the real stars of LA County and the Inland Region: RNs, LVNs, CMAs, NAs, and frontline health workers!

Primary Election: It's Time to Get Out the Vote!

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As one individual you may not think your vote will make a difference. But just imagine the powerful impact of our collective votes as tens of thousands of union members combined. Our voices are louder together. 

banner slate mailed june 7 2016 primary.jpg

If you Vote By Mail, please remember to postmark and mail your ballot on or before June 7. It must be received by your county's elections office no later than June 10, in order to be counted.

If you vote in person on Election Day and need help finding your polling place, please click here.

If you experience any problems at your polling place, or encounter any interference when attempting to exercise your right to vote, please call 1-800-345-VOTE (8683) right away!

LAC+USC and Harbor-UCLA CEOs join DHS Chief in Condemning Bullying Behavior!

There is no doubt 721 members at LA County DHS are making tremendous strides in eradicating the bullying at DHS facilities and moving the Department to finally recognize they have a serious bullying problem on their hands. In just the last two weeks both LAC+USC CEO Dan Castillo and Harbor-UCLA CEO Kim McKenzie came forward in condemning the bullying behavior in their respective facilities. Their public acknowledgement of a crisis that must be immediately address comes on the heels of the May 2nd department wide memo by Dr. Mitch Katz condemning bullying behavior and the unrelenting push by SEIU 721 members determined to eradicate bullying at DHS.

721 Health Professionals Reconvene with LA County's DHS Chief to Solve the Bullying Crisis

On the heels of holding Solidarity Actions at DHS Facilities stretching from the Antelope Valley to the Los Angeles Harbor area, 721's LA County Health Professionals came out in full force on April 27th for a critical follow-up meeting with DHS Chief Mitch Katz to move the County a step closer to ending the bullying crisis.  The passionate group of over 150 people in attendance and Dr. Mitch Katz reached a consensus on forming an emergency labor-management task force ready to push for immediate action and find comprehensive long-term solutions to end the crisis once and for all. 

Nominate yourself or one of your coworkers for a 2016 Gala Award!

Click here to download a 2016 Nursing Appreciation Gala Nominations Form, so you can nominate yourself, and one or more of your coworkers, for an award. Please note that you must answer all of the questions on the nomination form for it to be considered. You must complete one form for each person you wish to nominate, and submit it to Hilda Garcia by email <hilda.garcia@seiu721.org>, or FAX 213-289-5943, before 5 PM, on Friday, May 6. 

May Day 2016

Our members are proud to join our Fight For $15 workers, and families from St John's Well Child and Clinica Romero at today's May Day march in Downtown Los Angeles at 12 noon on the corner of 11th and Figueroa.

Anti-Bullying Follow Up with DHS Chief Dr. Katz! Tomorrow!

This is the big week! For weeks we've been breaking the silence throughout LA County DHS facilities to build up even more momentum going into our Wednesday, April 27thmeeting with Dr. Mitch Katz. 

L.A. County Social Workers Hold Solidarity Actions



Social Workers Are Mobilizing Solidarity ActionsTo Get to the Root of the Problem!

Last week hundreds of Children Social Workers rallied at the Hall of Administration and delivered a powerful message to the Board of Supervisors and DCFS Director Philip Browning to get to the root of the problem and fix the child safety crisisWe delivered that message loud and clear, but we are not just stopping there. 

Last Remaining Unity Breaks at DHS Facilities!

We are one week away from our highly anticipated follow up April 27th meeting with DHS Chief Dr. Mitch Katz and the Unity Breaks just keep getting bigger and bigger!

2016 SEIU International Convention Delegate Election Results

The ballot count for the 2016 SEIU International Convention Delegate Election was tabulated on April 18, 2016 by TrueBallot, Inc.  The United States Post Office in Los Angeles, CA acted as Depositor for receipt of all ballots.     

Congratulations to Members whose names appear below as Delegates or Alternates.  We look forward to seeing you in May!


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