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SEIU 721 represents more than 55,000 employees in Los Angeles County, stretching from the desert to the beaches. Our members provide quality parks, protect our drinking water, meet the needs of families, care for people at our hospitals and clinics, and much more for the 10 million people who live here.

Standing Firm for Investments in Quality Care at LA County!

SEIU 721 Bargaining Unit Representatives aren't sitting around waiting for LA County to finally give County workers a fair shake--they're springing into action! On Wednesday, September 2nd, SEIU 721 Bargaining Unit Representatives conducted a delegation to LA County Health Services Director Dr. Mitch Katz to outline the top priority areas for health practitioners.

LA County Social Workers Respond to Attack of DCFS Employee

SEIU Local 721 Treasurer and Social Worker David Green released the following statement in response to the attack on Social Workers in the LA County Department of Family Services in Santa Fe Springs on the afternoon of Wednesday August 19th

Bringing August Heat!

This August all L.A. County members were encouraged to wear their official "Raise up ALL of LA County" sweatbands everyday while on the job to show their Local 721 unity.  And they're stepping up! 

Do your part by getting Purpled Out this August! See your worksite organize for your official August Heat sweatband.

Bringing the Heat in August

Four months have passed since L.A. County contract negotiations began, and the County has failed to present a fair deal at the bargaining table. Enough is enough! We can't afford to wait any longer for the County to get it together, so this August we're bringing the heat!

Raising Up DCFS Social Workers!

Raise Up All of LA County has been bargaining since March and the County still hasn't come to the table with a fair deal to alleviate the DCFS understaffing or with a strategy to deliver more services to the people we proudly serve. 

On our Way to Stamping Out Poverty Wages in L.A. County

We did it! On the heels of fighting our way to winning a minimum wage increase in the City of Los Angeles, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors just approved a set a motions that puts unincorporated L.A. County on track to reach a $15/hr. minimum wage by 2020 and to stamp out wage-theft.

Time to Show The County We Mean Business!

It's time to crank up the heat on L.A. County and you need to be part of the action! 

Vote for Herman Santos for LACERA Board

lacera_Herman_Santos_80x120.jpgLA County members, the LACERA election ballot should have arrived at your home in an envelope from the L.A.County Register-Recorder. Open the letter, cast your vote for Herman Santos, and return your ballot right away. It's postage free.

Eligibility Workers Deliver!

When we fight we win! L.A. County Eligibility Workers (EW's) and Clerical Staff have been speaking out on the alarming number of cases under a system that has yet to catch up.

On Monday, June 22nd their united voices made a difference!

SEIU 721 Responds to DCFS Audit

Attention to all SEIU 721 DCFS CSW members! L.A. County DCFS recently concluded an audit, which found over 800 CSW's claimed weekend and evening mileage incorrectly, or logged into their computer outside of regular business hours without approval. While DCFS was ready to dish out penalties over these administrative hiccups, SEIU 721 immediately and aggressively pushed back to get a non-disciplinary response by DCFS.

L.A. County Jail Health Care Providers Call For Transparency

When we got word of the plan to consolidate the Los Angeles Sheriff Department's Medical Services Bureau and the Department of Health Services we mobilized.

L.A. County Members Don't Leave Your Dependents without Coverage!

Have you heard the news? L.A. County employees must provide proof their dependents are eligible for medical and dental coverage by July 15, 2015.

LA County Registered Nurses - Make Your Voice Heard, Take the RN Survey Today

With bargaining around the corner, we want to hear YOUR voice.

SEIU 721 BU311/312 RNs are filling out surveys to help prioritize our contract proposals. If you are a Los Angeles County Registered Nurse in BU 311/312, and haven't already completed the survey, please click here to do it today. This information will help the team craft proposals with YOUR concerns in mind.

Mental Health Workers Celebrated

Commitment, Intervention and Recovery for Healthy Communities

The First Annual Mental Health Awareness celebration was held June 6 at the Los Angeles SEIU 721. This event honored the work done by Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health and Community Clinics workers, and their contribution to the mental health of our communities.

Many outstanding union leaders who are dedicated to representing worker rights and quality services to Mental Health clients were honored.

L.A. County Bargaining Update

Thousands of you joined our kick off with thousands of members outside of the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration (WATCH VIDEO), inspiring a call to raise ALL of L.A. County! Our bargaining is now well underway and we're ensuring that we negotiate for wins that both our members and the communities they serve can be proud of.


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