Nurses, social workers, 9-1-1 operators, tree trimmers, parks employees, librarians and other working people are under attack. Read on to get the facts and take a stand for the truth.

Congress is rushing a vote on the AHCA (aka Trumpcare): Call 1-866- 426-2631 to demand a "NO" vote right away!

Don't wait until it is too late! Call 1-866-426-2631 to demand Congress vote "NO on the AHCA right away!

Millions will lose their health coverage and hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs if it passes. Those with pre-existing conditions, including those who donate an organ or bone marrow to save someone else's life, will pay more. Seniors will pay more. And those of us with employer provided coverage will pay more out of pocket. Even kids and Americans with disabilities will pay the price! None of us has any guarantees that we will get our health coverage back if we ever lose it, for any reason.

May Day is more than a day to fight back, it's the day we begin to fight forward! #resistLA

Join us Monday, May 1, at 11 AM in MacArthur Park, as we march through Pershing Square to City Hall! May Day is more than a day to fight back, it's the day we begin to fight forward! #resistLA

Protect Your Ability to Seek Justice #StopGorsuch

Act now to protect the Supreme Court! Neil Gorsuch is anti-worker, anti-Union, pro-corporation, and pro 1%. Call the US Senate to reject his nomination today! 1-855-713-0060

We won a tremendous victory by championing quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans!

When tens of millions were threatened with the loss of their healthcare coverage, hundreds of thousands were threatened with the loss of their jobs, and tens of thousands were threatened with the loss of their lives, we fought back!

When we fight we win!

How Public Space is Being Privatized by the 1%

privatization-beast-attacks-library-590.jpgThe Occupy movement has taught us a lot about the role of public spaces. In short, they are under attack. We saw this with the raiding of the Occupy LA encampment and also see this with the privatization of our public libraries.

A Tour of Occupy Wall Street

MarkKlein80.jpgBy Mark Klein, SEIU Local 721 Secure Retirement Coordinator
I just returned from an inspirational vacation. On October 17 I took a subway from Harlem to Zuccotti Park in New York City  - home of Occupy Wall Street.  That day happened to be the one-month anniversary of the occupation by "the 99%."  In just one month, a spontaneous demonstration against criminal Wall Street greed has evolved into a global movement for economic justice.

SEIU 721 Heroes Presents: Franco Torres

Meet Franco Torres. He's a garage attendant for the LAPD's Wilshire Division and he's no ordinary grease monkey. Every day, Franco shows up early, determined to make sure the LAPD's vehicles are safe, working right and ready to protect you.

So the next time you see an LAPD vehicle patroling Los Angeles' 469 square miles of streets, think of the people like Franco who keep those vehicles humming along.

Snakes and Dogs and Bunnies! Oh My!

Jake Miller is an animal care technician at Los Angeles' East Valley Animal Care and Control Center, where he delivers top-notch care for both the animals at the shelter and the residents of the East Valley.

Jake's job involves cleaning dog cages and feeding hungry felines, but his favorite part of the job is finding new homes for the pets.

So what kind of animals come in to the shelter? Click the play button on the video to find out--you might be surprised at what you see!

CEO's Should Sacrifice, Not Working People

Koch-Video-Grab300.jpgHave you seen this video?

It was made by one of the anti-worker groups funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers. It's a clear attempt to pit working people against each other. They hope that private sector workers will turn on public sector workers who, the video claims, "haven't had to sacrifice" in these hard times.

One problem with their argument: it's not true.

SEIU 721 Heroes: Melissa McCollum

SEIU 721 is celebrating National Library Week.

In this video, you'll meet LA County Community Librarian Melissa McCollum. Melissa works at the Lawndale Public Library, where she plans programs for people of all ages. But Melissa's not just a celebrity in her own library. Last year, the American Library Association, the New York Times and the Carnegie Foundation recognized Melissa's dedication and excellence with their annual I Love My Librarian Award.

Do you love your librarian? In a recent poll, 96% of Americans agreed that because public libraries provide free access to materials and resources, they play an important role in giving everyone a chance to succeed.  

So sit back and enjoy this video about one of LA County's finest. And when you're done, make sure you thank your favorite library worker this week for helping give people a chance to succeed!

Salary Cuts "Scaring People Away" From Public Service Jobs

Earlier this week, incoming Los Angeles Schools Superintendent John Deasy revealed that he will voluntarily forego $55,000 of his $330,000 annual salary in order to show solidarity with the teachers and other school employees he'll soon fire due to budget shortfalls.

It's one thing for Deasy to take a 16% salary hit - he's still left with a whopping $275,000 annual salary.

But what about public employees who don't receive six figure salaries?

Slice of Wisconsin Comes to So-Cal

riverside200.jpgOn Monday, Riverside County supervisors voted unanimously to dramatically reduce retirement benefits for all newly hired employees.
The move won't save the county a dime in the short term. It won't help balance the county's budget. It won't keep vital services operating. And it probably isn't even legal.
So why do it?

Court Reporter: 'No Matter If You're a Private or Public Worker, We're All in Jeopardy.'

Two weeks ago, LA Superior Court Reporter Arnella Sims joined a coalition of 161 teachers, firefighters, social workers and other public service workers who flew to Madison to show solidarity with the brave workers there who are fighting to protect their bargaining rights. Arnella's still got the cold she picked up in frigid Wisconsin, but that didn't stop her from sitting down with Truth Tracker to discuss her experiences in Wisconsin and beyond.

Californians Need Debate on Retirement Security Based on Facts, Not Scare Tactics

A new poll released today shows that anti-worker politicians and their media pundit allies are continuing to misinform the public about the retirement plans of nurses, parole officers, road maintenance workers and other public employees.

In the wake of this poll, here are some facts about retirement security that deserve attention.

Wisconsin Gov. Awakens Sleeping Giant

Wisconsin Gov. Walker and his anti-worker allies are determined to take away Americans' collective bargaining rights. But in the process they've awoken a powerful sleeping giant: middle class, working families.