SEIU Benefits and Programs

As a member of SEIU 721, you are eligible for a range of benefits, discounts and programs, offered through the Benefits Trust Fund, including:

optometry.jpgVision Service Plan
You and your family can enjoy full eye exams, glasses, contact lenses, and the latest in eyecare fashion and technology. Call 1-877-802-9740.

Disability Income Plan
Protect your income with a competitive disability income plan which pays 60% of your income, up to $1,800 monthly, if you become disabled due to illness or injury. Applications received within 60 days of union membership are guaranteed a minimum of $500 monthly benefit. Call 1-877-802-9740.

dentist.jpgDental Health Services
SEIU 721 offers Dental Health Services to provide you with primary coverage or supplement your existing dental benefits which currently may require you to pay deductibles and co-payments. Call 1-877-802-9740.

medical-symbol.jpgCancer and Catastrophic
Supplement your current medical plan with our low-cost coverage that can be applied toward deductibles and co-payments you may now be paying. It also pays a daily hospital income payment in addition to any other benefits you may receive. Call 1-877-802-9740.

Life Insurance
Active SEIU 721 members are automatically covered for $2,000 life insurance and an additional $2,000 accidental death and dismemberment (a total of $4,000 if accidental death). Be sure to include your beneficiary on your membership application.

SEIU 721 Benefits Trust Fund
Contact Zenith Administrators, Inc. customer service at 1-877-802-9740 or by mail at: P.O. Box 423690, San Francisco, CA 94142-3690, or access information online at Select "Participant" as the account type and use "SEIU" as the username and "Local 721" for the password.

More Benefits for SEIU 721 Members

Financial Services

Financial Education:
Financial education to guide members to the right products and help with broader financial issues.

Union Plus Credit Card:
The new and improved Union Plus Credit Card Program is designed to meet the needs of hard-working union members and their families. This credit card offers competitive rates, U.S.-based customer service and more. Plus, improved assistance benefits for eligible cardholders.

Credit Counseling Program:
Confidential financial guidance, free consumer credit counseling services, and debt management assistance.

Retail Savings

dell.jpgDell Computers:
Discounts on computers and accessories.

Entertainment Discounts:
Save on movie tickets, movie rentals, theme parks, theater, museums, aquariums, sporting events, and skiing.

Legal Services:
legal.gifFree and discounted legal assistance. Search for an attorney online or call 1-888-993-8886 for a referral by phone.

Education Services:
Information about education services: loans and scholarships; selecting a college and preparing for college entrance tests; and much more. Learn more here or talk to a financial aid counselor at 1-877-881-1022.

Pet Services:
Cut the cost of owning a pet. Save 25% on veterinarian services, 10% on pet health insurance premiums, and much more.

Flower Services:
Save 15% when you send flowers. Order online or call 1-888-667-7779.

Health Club Discounts:
Get discounts on new health club memberships at over 1,500 health clubs including Bally's Fitness, Select World, and Gold's Gym across the country.

Mortgage and Real Estate:
Low down payments and reduced closing costs.

Retail Savings (cont.)

northamerican.gifNorth American Van Lines:
Savings on interstate moves. Call 1-800-524-5533 or learn more.

Goodyear Tire And Service:
Save up to 10% when you service your car or buy tires, and support union workers who make many Goodyear tires.

AT&T Wireless:
att.gifSave up to 10% on cellular phone service with a unionized wireless phone company.

Powell's Bookstore:
Save on new and used books and textbooks at this discount unionized Internet bookseller.

Union-Made Checks:
Union-printed checks and return-address labels that feature your union logo. Call 1-888-864-6625.

Union-Made Clothing:
Save up to 5% on union-made clothing from two providers of union-made apparel.


Life Insurance:
Protect your family with term insurance at a low group rate. Premium waiver during layoffs.

Accidental Death Insurance:
Receive workplace accidental death insurance at no cost; or purchase all-cause accidental death coverage.

Auto Insurance:
Members save an average of $350 on auto insurance. For quotes, click here or call 1-800-294-9496 to apply.

Professional Liability Insurance:
Fill the gap in an employer liability policy. Competitive group rates for nurses, dental  hygienists, social workers, pharmacists and other medical professionals. For an application, call Seabury & Smith at 1-800-621-3008.

Health Savings:
Save an average of 18% on prescription costs and reduce out-of-pocket expenses on a variety of health care services such as dental and vision care, and more. Call 1-800-228-3523 or click here for details.


Vacation Tours:
Discounted international travel packages. Call 1-800-590-1104 or learn more.

Car Rentals:
Save up to 25% on car rentals. Learn more or call:
» Avis-1-800-698-5685, ID#B723700
» Budget-1-800-455-2848, ID# V816100


Contact Us

Write us a message and we'll get back to you. If you may be facing a disciplinary situation at work, please call the SEIU 721 Member Connection immediately: (877) 721-4YOU, Monday through Wednesday and Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Thursday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.