USC Workers Action Center

We work for the University of Southern California. Without us, USC doesn’t work. Without us, USC cannot function as a multibillion-dollar institution. Without us, USC stops.

USC thrives because of us.

Now, we’re organizing to join SEIU Local 721 — the largest, most powerful union in Southern California — to get what we deserve.

See below for the latest news about workers organizing at USC.

Latest News

¡TENEMOS LA FECHA PARA NUESTRA ELECCIÓN SINDICAL! ES EL DIA 15 DE JUNIO. - Una supermayoría de nosotros, los trabajadores que somos el pilar de USC Housing — trabajadores de mantenimiento general, técnicos de instalaciones, pintores, y los representantes de servicio al cliente — solicitamos una elección sindical en abril. ¡Ya tenemos fecha de elección! Es el dia 15 de junio. Actualmente, ganamos menos … Read More
WE HAVE A UNION ELECTION DATE: JUNE 15! - A supermajority of us workers who are the backbone of USC Housing — general maintenance workers, facilities technicians, painters, and our unit’s customer service reps — filed for a union election in April. Now, we have an election date: June 15. Today, we earn less than unionized workers who do … Read More
SOMOS LA COLUMNA VERTEBRAL DE USC HOUSING ¡Y ESTAMOS FORMANDO NUESTRA UNIÓN! - ACABAMOS DE PRESENTAR UN SOLICITUD ANTE LA JUNTA NACIONAL DE RELACIONES LABORALES PARA CONDUCIR UNA ELECCIÓN PARA UNIRNOS A SEIU LOCAL 721. Hemos dado un paso histórico: Los trabajadores que formamos la columna vertebral de USC Housing -trabajadores de mantenimiento general, técnicos de instalaciones, pintores y representantes de atención al … Read More
We’re the Backbone of USC Housing. And We’re Forming Our Union! - Big News: We filed with the National Labor Relations Board to Hold a Union Election!  We’ve taken a historic step: We, workers who are the backbone of USC Housing — general maintenance workers, facilities technicians, painters, and our unit’s customer service reps — filed with the National Labor Relations Board … Read More
Introducing: Our USC Shuttle Driver/Dispatcher Bargaining Team - The results are in! We made our voices heard and we have elected our USC Shuttle Driver and Dispatcher SEIU Local 721 Member Bargaining Team. Bargaining Team Members: James Sims and Chris Harris. *Bargaining Team Alternate: Darrell Harris *The alternate will serve in the event one of the two members cannot.  … Read More
USC Shuttle Drivers/Dispatchers: Vote for Your Bargaining Team! -   We won a historic victory by joining SEIU 721 on March 23. We’ve completed our bargaining survey, and now it’s time to build our Bargaining Team! Selecting a strong Bargaining Team is a vital step in getting what we deserve: a labor agreement with USC that is worthy of … Read More
Make Your Voice Heard — Take our USC Shuttle Drivers Contract Bargaining Survey - Now that we won our union election, we need to prepare to negotiate our first union contract. Step 1 is to survey our colleagues to collectively determine our priorities for contract negotiations. Please make your voice heard and take the bargaining survey by April 5th — click here for our … Read More
USC Shuttle Drivers —We Did It! We Won Our Union! - The results are in — we showed our powerful unity and voted to join SEIU Local 721. Despite USC’s attempts to intimidate and discourage us from voting YES, we held firm, and we finally won the union voice that we deserve. Our historic union victory puts us on the path … Read More
USC Students and Community Groups Show their Support for USC Shuttle Drivers - Once again in the middle of the rain, USC students, passengers, and community supporters showed their support for shuttle drivers.   On Wednesday afternoon, dozens of supporters held up banners and signs encouraging drivers to stay #unionstrong.   Photos from Strategic Actions for a Just Economy’s (SAJE) instagram page.   … Read More
LAC+USC SEIU 721 members show their support for US C Shuttle Drivers LAC+USC Members Show their Support for USC Shuttle Drivers - USC Shuttle Drivers, LAC + USC nurses and other health workers are standing with you.   They stood in the rain on Marengo Avenue, outside of LAC + USC Medical Center, to tell you — STAY UNION STRONG on MARCH 23rd!   Here are some images from this morning:
The Union Difference for Bus/Shuttle Operators in the LA Region - The numbers don’t lie. Bus/Shuttle operators working with a union contract earn better wages, and have the power to form driver-led bargaining teams to negotiate their union contract.  
A Special Message from an LAC+USC Medical Center Union Nurse -   Dear USC Shuttle Drivers: I’m Dr. Kelly Zhou, an SEIU Local 721 Executive Board Member and Nurse Anesthetist II at LAC + USC Medical Center. Years ago, I worked at Keck Hospital, and I would ride your shuttles into work nearly every day. Today, many of my colleagues at … Read More
A Special Message to USC Shuttle Drivers from a LAWA LAX Bus Operator - Dear USC Shuttle Drivers: This is the moment to stay strong and united. USC management is getting desperate because they know that winning your union election means that you’ll be taking the power out of their hands and putting yourself in the driver’s seat where you belong. That’s why they’re … Read More
A Special Message to USC Shuttle Drivers from SEIU Local 721 Vice President Simboa Wright - Dear USC Shuttle Drivers:My name is Simboa Wright, and I’m the Vice President of SEIU Local 721. I have a special connection with all of you – I am also licensed to drive a large vehicle on our city’s congested streets. I’ve driven a vactor truck for the City of … Read More
A Special Message to USC Shuttle Drivers from a Union Bus Operator - “Gold Coast Transit District bus drivers understand the union difference. In 2022, we used our union power to win bonuses of up to $2,500 for our service during the pandemic, plus a scheduled 3% salary increase on July 1st that we negotiated under our current contract. Over time, we’ve gained … Read More