SEIU Local 721 Members Deliver Thousands of Petitions to Riverside County Board of Supervisors

SEIU Local 721 members delivered thousands of signed petitions to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors on March 21st to highlight how the County is prioritizing sweetheart consulting contracts totaling almost $50 million while patient wait times at Emergency Rooms and health clinics skyrocket, vulnerable foster children get less high-quality supervision, and unsafe conditions at both mental health clinics and incarceration facilities force staff to fund their own self-defense courses.

Thousands of members from Riverside University Health System (RUHS), Social Services, County jails, and other key departments signed on to the petitions to commit themselves to a good-faith bargaining effort during the current contract negotiations. Chief amongst the County employee’s concerns voiced by the petitions is the urgent need to cut revenue waste, raise the quality of public services, restore previously cut services, and strengthen measures to improve both public and worker safety.

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