Inglewood Mayor, Don’t Be a Scrooge!

It may be the holiday season, but Inglewood Mayor James Butts and the City Council are acting like Scrooge. They’re pushing to layoff city workers and slash their retirement benefits. It’s an attack on workers’ jobs, families and the whole community.
That’s why dozens of city workers and neighbors held a candlelight vigil outside the mayor’s residence on Dec. 11. 
What the Mayor Is Doing
-Threatening to layoff nearly 50 city workers. This would have a big impact on public services.
-Trying to outsource city work to unaccountable private corporations.
This will cost Inglewood taxpayers more money and eliminate middle-class jobs.
-Trying to slash health benefits for city workers when they retire.
These workers spent decades serving Inglewood and the Mayor doesn’t seem to care. 
City Workers have earned retiree health benefits through decades of hard work serving the people of Inglewood. Inglewood needs to keep good, middle-class jobs with the promise of retirement security.
RSIP---George-McCall_2x80.jpg“We have to protect our retiree health benefits for us and future employees. It’s time to take a stand. This is something that’s worth fighting for.” 
-George McCall, Inglewood Construction Inspector

Download a holiday flyer.

For more information, contact Worksite Organizer Kevin Monk: (213) 458-4171.