How to Use the SEIU 721 Calendar

The new calendar has more features than ever. Here's a quick guide to how to find events that matter for you.

Search for events in near you: Click the regional calendars (LA County, Inland Area, Tri-Counties, LA/OC Cities) to get a list of rallies, actions, stewards councils and other regular meetings near you.

Search by zip code: Enter your zip code to find events within your area. Search now

Find groups and committees: SEIU 721 groups and committees dealing with social and political issues across all our regions now have their own calendar. View all Groups and Committees events

Get the full picture: Want to see everything that's happening? View all events

Print a calendar: All calendars and individual events are printable from any computer. Choose *print* from your browser menu

RSVP or volunteer to help: You can RSVP or volunteer for any event directly to the person hosting it. Click the RSVP link on any event.

Plan an event: Anyone can create a group event for an SEIU 721 campaign. Events will be reviewed for complete information before they are posted, and you may be contacted for more details about your event.

Log in to get the most out of the calendar: You'll need to create a calendar account to RSVP or plan an event. When you log in, you can see all upcoming events that you have signed up for. Login information including your email and phone number is stored within the SEIU 721 system and is not publicly viewable.


How to Read an Event

Our new calendar lets you view a map, RSVP to an event, get more details, find other events by date or location, or even plan your own event. Sample event below:


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