President’s Annual Report 2022-2023


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SEIU 721 LA City workers’ 1-day strike captured national headlines and the support of the White House. SEIU 721 members won historic minimum wage increases for fast-food workers and healthcare workers. Our union fought fights — big and small — winning strong contracts across Southern California, and stood up to … Read More

September – October 2023

Governor Signs Fast Food Minimum Wage at SEIU 721

Hundreds of lobby visits and several massive Sacramento actions organized by SEIU 721 and its sister locals across the state produced historic victories for healthcare, clinic and fast food workers in this legislative session. The result: raises for more than a million Californians.

August – September 2023

SEIU Shuts Down LA City!

LA City SEIU 721 members are fed up with shortstaffing, unfilled vacancies and city leaders’ empty gestures and broken promises.

June – July 2023

Bringing the Fight to LA City Hall

In a massive show of force, SEIU 721 City of LA members packed the Los Angeles City Council’s June 16 meeting to deliver a simple message: “We’ve had enough.”

May – June 2023

Healthcare Workers Fight for Fairness

“Union workers in LA fight for a vision of society that uplifts all,” said Green. “Meanwhile, we’re surrounding by symbols of unfathomable wealth, made possible by the exploitation of working people. We’ve got to put an end to this. It’s time for working people and our unions to strike back and exercise our power.”

April – May 2023

CA Gig Workers Take On Uber

2022 was a defining year for our union. SEIU 721 members literally held Southern California together during the COVID-19 pandemic, and emerged from the crisis stronger, more unified and wiser.

March – April 2023

Ready to Fix LA

It’s time to Fix LA. After working tirelessly keep California’s largest city running, LA’s working families face the multi-pronged crisis of skyrocketing living costs, spiraling homelessness and a declining quality of life that is driving thousands of Angelenos to give up on the state entirely.

February – March 2023

How do we solve LA’s homeless crisis?

Homelessness is at crisis proportions in LA County. According to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 30% of all unhoused Americans live in California — almost half of them in Los Angeles County.

2023 President’s Road Ahead Report

Fighting For Our Future

2023 will be a defining year for union workers — across the country, around our state and right here in Los Angeles, the Tri-Counties and the Inland Area.