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City of Santa Paula Water Workers See Unprecedented Wage Increases
March 16, 2018
J. Francisco Ramirez-Almazan
As an SEIU 721 member, you’re a part of a family that can’t be ignored when we raise our collective voice. Whether it’s at the bargaining table or the worksite, when we stick together we can move mountains. Our unity has produced unprecedented results in the City of Santa Paula, … Read More
UNION 101: Weingarten Rights
March 5, 2018
WEINGARTEN RIGHTS: A bargaining unit employee has the legal right to be represented by its union at an investigatory interview with his or her supervisor when the employee reasonably believes that the interview may lead to a disciplinary action. U.S. Supreme Court ruling: The rights of unionized employees to the … Read More
Candidate statements for LA County Bargaining Teams … read them here!
February 20, 2018
All of our LA County Bargaining Units will elect Bargaining Teams to represent them during upcoming contract negotiations for 2018. All Bargaining Team candidates must submit a statement on why they’re running and what they would prioritize . Remember: A stronger contract means a better quality of life not just … Read More
Riverside County is Up Their Neck with PERB Complaints
February 16, 2018
In case you missed it, the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has issued another round of complaints against Riverside County! On the heels of our victory over the County’s petty lawsuit earlier this month, PERB has handed out 4 more complaints bringing up the running total of complaints to a … Read More
The Dirt on “Right to Work”: What is Janus v. AFSCME
What is Janus v. AFSCME? Janus v. AFSCME is a court case that is the culmination of a decades-long scheme by the greedy rich to get rid of union jobs. It is one of more than a dozen similar cases that anti-worker groups have tried to push through the legal … Read More
Alert! “Right to Work (For Less)” In Riverside
February 7, 2018
Our rights and benefits in Riverside County are under attack from anti-worker forces that are trying to divide our union! We have learned that an anti-worker organization has been given access to our worksites across the county. This organization is one of many that is trying to scam you into signing … Read More
#FlipThe25th … it’s time for Steve Knight to leave the House!
February 1, 2018
Rep. Steve Knight continues to put special interests ahead of his own constituents in Congressional District 25. It’s time for Steve Knight to leave the House – and for us to #FlipThe25th! That’s exactly what we plan to do at our CD 25 District-Wide Kick-Off Rally and Precinct Walk this … Read More
As Black History Month Starts, SEIU 721 Remembers Sacrifice of Sanitation Workers
The gruesome on-duty deaths of two Memphis sanitation workers on Feb 1, 1968 spurred a series of events that forever changed the struggle for worker safety and civil rights. Now, 50 years later, the fight for safe working conditions and to establish and maintain our collective voice on the job … Read More
They’re Trying To Eliminate Worker Power
January 31, 2018
On Monday, February 26th, the Supreme Court begins hearing Janus v. AFSCME, a case that could usher in “Right to Work (for less),” a long-time scheme of anti-worker politicians and greedy corporations. The goal of “Right to Work (for less)” is simple: to silence our collective voice by making it … Read More
The “Right To Work” Attack on Riverside
It didn’t take long for so-called “Right To Work” goons to set their sights on Riverside County workers. As soon as our ULP strike started making waves, the anti-worker website published a brazen hit piece on our members. In addition to a headline blaming county workers, rather than the … Read More
LA County Board of Supervisors: “Don’t Short-Change Working Families!”
January 30, 2018
Sign this petition to give the Board of Supervisors your “two cents.” Remind them: “Don’t short-change working families!” Sign the Petition! LA County works because we do. But we’re not just a workforce, we live in LA County, too. The decisions made by the Board of Supervisors directly impact the … Read More
The History of “Right to Work”
right to work map
So-called “Right to Work” laws have been all over the news recently, as more and more states fall prey to this anti-worker legislation. An attack by greedy corporations and anti-worker politicians, so-called “Right to Work” legislation is meant to strip workers of their bargaining power and silence their collective voice. … Read More
Everything You Need To Know About “Right To Work” in Four Videos
January 29, 2018
Right To Work
If you haven’t heard about so-called “Right To Work” laws yet, get ready, because a bunch of greedy special interests are about to try to convince you that Right To Work is just what you need in your life. These people are lying to you.   Right To Work laws … Read More
The Work We Do: Alina Mendizabal
January 19, 2018
Day in, day out, Alina Mendizabal’s boss was making her life a living hell. There was scapegoating and public scolding, unwarranted write-ups and constant scrutiny. Sometimes the bully boss would go out of the way to “randomly” pop into Alina’s office just to intimidate her. “I called her the devil’s … Read More
LA County members: Time to fill out your bargaining survey!
January 17, 2018
Contract bargaining for SEIU 721’s LA County members is fast approaching. So we want to hear from you! What do you think our union should prioritize? Let us know by filling out your bargaining survey! You can submit your bargaining survey online. Or you can download it, print it and … Read More
The City of LA wants YOU! – Targeted Local Hire Program
January 12, 2018
Our voices are powerful and when we work together, we make great things happen for our city, our community and for our families. It was our hard work and unity that urged the City of Los Angeles to create the Targeted Local Hire Program, another key victory in our figh … Read More
LA Superior Courts – It’s Time to Invest in Justice
November 6, 2017
It’s time to prepare for our upcoming bargaining campaign for LA Superior Courts employees. We need to hear from you! It is critically important that we incorporate your voice in this bargaining process. It is only with our unity and participation that we can help restore Court services to our … Read More