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LA County – We deserve more than “Thank you for your service” … so let’s get it!
May 13, 2021
Why should we sign up for a Unity Action? Because if we don’t, we risk getting nothing but a “Thank you for your service” from the Board of Supervisors … even though we were the ones who kept LA County together when the COVID-19 pandemic was tearing everything apart! CLICK … Read More
LA County! Unite and fight for what’s right at a Unity Action
May 10, 2021
RIGHT NOW, the LA County Board of Supervisors and the CEO are examining the budget for next fiscal year. So NOW is the time for us to take a stand, together, to make sure everyone knows that we – the essential workers who got LA County through the worst pandemic … Read More
Bargaining Has Begun
May 7, 2021
Your SEIU Local 721 bargaining committee has begun formal talks with Los Angeles County aimed at reaching an agreement on a one-year contract. On Thursday, May 13, the bargaining committee will meet with the County’s budget chief to discuss the County’s financial condition. After that, the union will submit its … Read More
Don’t let Big Tech privatize LA County jobs at 211 … or anywhere else!
May 6, 2021
When voters passed Measure J in November, politicians promised that more taxpayer funding would go towards good-paying jobs that made our communities happier, healthier and more wholesome … jobs like ours at 211. But now the opposite is happening at LA County. They’re taking bids to PRIVATIZE our jobs – and they’re encouraging a BIG TECH takeover! … Read More
Help wanted: Case manager retirees for refugee children from US-Mexico border seeking asylum
April 29, 2021
Are you a retired Children’s Social Worker who wants to help little ones seeking asylum at the US-Mexico border … but you don’t even know where to start? Look no further. Non-profit organization ALMA Family Services is asking our union to help with recruiting on-site Specialized Case Managers. These are … Read More
An important update for all of us at the LA County Library
April 27, 2021
  JOINT LABOR MANAGEMENT MEETING RESULTS Our SEIU 721 Library Stewards Council met with the LA County Library Department during a Joint Labor Management (JLM) Meeting to discuss reopening plans. Our April 7 meeting has been the ONLY official meeting between our Union and the Department. Any allusion to other … Read More
Sign Our Petition to Stop the Roll-Outs at LA County
April 16, 2021
Management at LA County still has not addressed serious issues about Phases I and II of the Staff Reorganization Roll-Out. So why would we agree to move forward with Phase III? We’re encouraging everyone in Bargaining Unit 729 to sign our Cease and Desist petition demanding a meeting with management … Read More
Virtual Classes for Ventura Clinic Workers
April 7, 2021
Did you know we’ve partnered with WERC to offer career development classes for Ventura Clinic Workers? That’s right. We’re hosting several virtual classes to help you advance in your career with the County. Below is schedule for the next several weeks. Sign up ASAP. Each session is limited to 20 … Read More
Watts Health Center Workers Announce Strike to Protect Public Health Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
April 1, 2021
LOS ANGELES — Workers on the frontlines of South LA’s COVID-19 response delivered their 10-day strike notice to Watts Health Center (WHC) management today, April 1st. Their bold action comes after allegations that Watts has engaged in repeated labor law violations, including harassment and threats of employees, surveillance of union … Read More
Remind the LA County CEO: “We Deserve Heroes Pay for All!”
March 30, 2021
The new fiscal year may not start until July 1, 2021. But already, Fesia Davenport – the LA County’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – is putting the finishing touches on her proposed county budget. We cannot leave anything to chance. We must remind the CEO who kept LA County together … Read More