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Roger Nuñez, Executive Board member from the Coachella Valley, uses his “PhD in the streets” to change his community
October 22, 2021
Social Services Assistant and Executive Board member Roger Nuñez is passionate about his Coachella Valley community and committed to the idea that public employees can transform people’s lives. “Local government has a big impact on people,” Nuñez says. “That’s why it’s so important to make good policy, invest in public … Read More
Negotiation Impasse with LA City on the Impacts of the Vaccination Mandate
October 20, 2021
After months of negotiations with City Administrators over the impacts of the City’s Mandatory Vaccination policy, we’ve exhausted all pathways to an agreement. Our bargaining, under the Coalition of City Unions, has ended at an impasse. We’ve made our demands, and the City is not moving. Throughout the bargaining process, SEIU 721 has … Read More
Cheylynda Barnard, Executive Board Member from Riverside County, advocates for the forgotten in society
October 13, 2021
Cheylynda Barnard says her experience on the job and as a candidate for office have taught her the same thing — that union members must keep advocating for the forgotten in our society. Barnard has served in the Adult Protective Services Division of Riverside County for six years, where she … Read More
Another Win for SEIU 721 County of Ventura Members!
When our SEIU 721 County of Ventura bargaining team formulated our last bargaining proposals in the 2019 campaign, we knew that ever-changing health care costs would be a challenge. Our team’s strategy was to try and cover the increases by having flex credit contributions increase over time. December 12, 2021, … Read More
What’s Up with Our LA County Bonuses?
October 12, 2021
On August 27, SEIU 721 members overwhelmingly approved a landmark six-month contract including a new Juneteenth paid holiday, fully funded medical and dental coverage, and across-the-board “Heroes Pay for All” bonuses. While the Board of Supervisors still has not approved the agreement, there is no doubt that they will vote … Read More
Re-Elect Jordan Roberts to the VCERA Board
October 7, 2021
  Protect Our Retirement Re-Elect Jordan Roberts to the VCERA Board 2021 The VCERA Board Election is happening NOW! Your ballot will arrive in the mail- Vote JORDAN ROBERTS and mail it back right away . . . the postage is pre-paid! Jordan is the Assistant Fire Communications Manager of … Read More
LA County: October 1 is an “effective date” – NOT a deadline to get vaccinated
October 5, 2021
On Friday Los Angeles County CEO Fesia Davenport sent a message to all employees with an “urgent reminder that the Countywide vaccine policy takes effect today, October 1, 2021 … All County workforce members must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and must provide proof of vaccination unless they have been … Read More
LA County Backs Off October 1 Vaccine Deadline, but Continues to Reject Frequent Testing Alternative. Bargaining Continues.
October 1, 2021
Vaccine Mandate Bargaining Update No disciplinary action today and no disciplinary action until late November at the earliest. In the interest of public health, our own health and the health of our families, SEIU 721 strongly encourages all members to get vaccinated against COVID-19. At the same time, we continue … Read More
DPSS Director Acknowledges Issues with “Task-Based” Work System After Hundreds Rally at Agency Headquarters
September 29, 2021
Antonia Jimenez, director of LA County’s Department of Public Social Services (DPSS), acknowledged Wednesday that there are issues with management’s proposed “task-based” work system that need to be addressed. After hundreds of DPSS workers rallied at the agency’s headquarters in the City of Industry, Jimenez also agreed to meet with SEIU … Read More
Ventura County VCERA Update September 28, 2021 – We’re still fighting!
September 28, 2021
When we first heard about the Alameda Case and its potential impact to our members and even our retirees, SEIU 721 jumped into action. Since then, we have been fighting tooth and nail using all available resources to stand up for secure retirement. Unfortunately, one of those paths recently ended … Read More