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ATTN: LA DPW Security Officers: Get your JLMC Self-Nomination Form here
November 29, 2023
The Joint Labor Management Committee is very important to our union – and we are accepting self-nominations to join the JLMC. It’s where our union and management meet to hash out unresolved work-related issues, a critical matter for us as Security Officers at the LA DWP. We need to bring … Read More
Our LA City Strike Authorization Vote Starts on Nov 29th at 9AM
For months, our elected bargaining teams have negotiated with City officials around the clock to secure a strong new contract that reflects our priorities: competitive wages, solving the understaffing crisis, defending and expanding healthcare, protecting our secure retirement, and winning an even stronger union voice on the job. Unfortunately, our … Read More
LA Times reports on SEIU 721’s fight to keep LA County Parks & Rec staff safe
November 28, 2023
You sent us your safety surveys and the results were crystal clear. Big changes needed to happen to improve safety throughout our LA County Parks & Recreation sites, and soon. Our union took that message straight to the Board of Supervisors. As reported in the Los Angeles Times, we are proud to share … Read More
Happy Thanksgiving from SEIU 721 President David Green
November 22, 2023
“Thank you” barely begins to express my gratitude. Over the past several years, we’ve witnessed and experienced a global pandemic, high inflation, political division, and numerous global injustices. Yet, you carry on. You carry on providing vital services to the people of Southern California. You carry on being a good … Read More
ATTN: RVTs at the LA County Dept. of Animal Care and Control – Take the RVT Uniform Survey
November 17, 2023
Our uniforms are important. They identify us as Registered Veterinary Technicians and are a required part of our jobs. We want to hear directly from you, the RVTs, about your uniforms. Tell us what you think! TAKE THE SURVEY If uniforms are ill-fitting, they can potentially cause a safety issue, … Read More
A Veterans Day 2023 message from SEIU 721 President David Green
November 9, 2023
We at SEIU 721 extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to veterans throughout our nation and in our labor union this Veterans Day. Our union stretches across Southern California and we have thousands of veterans in our ranks from all branches of the service. We are happy to call them … Read More
LACERA Bargaining Survey 2023: Take the survey now!
November 7, 2023
Our union contract expires on December 31, 2024. We are making preparations now to negotiate the best possible contract for the future. As always, we prepare for bargaining with our eyes wide open. We know that once again it will be a tough bargaining environment. Under the circumstances, it is … Read More
City of Los Angeles Rolling Rallies
 Together, We’re Bargaining for the Biggest Raises in LA City History  Since August, our LA City bargaining teams have been meeting with City officials daily to negotiate a strong, new contract with the largest wage increases in LA City history. We know the City can do it, having provided public … Read More
We Unveiled Our LA City “Common Good” Bargaining Demands and Proposals
October 12, 2023
As you know we’ve been steadily at the bargaining table negotiating our City of LA successor contract. Make no mistake, our top our priorities are winning strong and competitive wage increases, solving the short-staffing crisis, defending and expanding our healthcare, a secure retirement, winning a stronger union voice on the job, … Read More
LA County Social Workers’ ‘March on the Boss’ Got Everyone’s Attention AND Media Coverage
October 5, 2023
We are fed up with broken promises by the LA County Chief Executive Officer when it comes to social worker caseloads – and, yesterday morning, we delivered that message in-person straight to county management at the Hall of Administration in downtown LA. Soon afterward, our message began resonating in the … Read More