We Have a Tentative Agreement in the City of Riverside!

We did it! After hard-fought contract negotiations, we’ve reached a Tentative Agreement on an excellent four-year contract that raises up Riverside City.  

Over the last few months you stood strong and united with your fellow City of Riverside frontline workers to make it very clear that the City must make the investments in frontline workers and the communities we serve. You made your voice heard at City Hall and at your worksites to make this day a reality.


Your resilience has delivered a package that we can all be proud of and puts the City of Riverside on track to protect and strengthen the middle class, and restore vital community services.

TA Highlights

  • $1500 in Bonuses by July 1, 2017, and 6% to 15% Raises Over the Life of the Contract
  • Sick Time Hours Will Now be Counted Towards Receiving Overtime Pay 
  •  Paid Cesar Chavez Holiday starting in 2019
  • 2 “exception days” per year  

Your bargaining committee congratulates you for your determination in delivering this agreement and recommends a YES vote. 

Voting is set to take place between October 19th-27th See Voting Schedule. 

Download Tentative Agreement Summary Here

Download Tentative Agreement