Speaking Out in Riverside County — It’s Our Legal Right.

Don’t believe management’s misinformation! You have every legal right to participate in concerted activities over Riverside County’s Unfair Practice Charges, including picketing and other job actions.

What you do during your break time is your personal time, not the County’s.

The County is spreading misinformation because they want to silence our voices and stop us from speaking out to protect community services and to impede us from openly questioning their lack of transparency on their shady deals with Wells Fargo and KPMG.

To date, we have filed more than a dozen Unfair Practice Charges against Riverside County ranging from bad faith bargaining to harassment and surveillance of members.

We are not backing down from protecting our right to speak out in defense of public services. Don’t fall for unfounded rumors!

Contact your worksite organizer at (951) 571-7700 to report any illegal activity by management and to participate in any of the Unfair Practice Charge pickets.