Our latest 1-year deal brings at least 8% in more cash for every LA City member in 2023 and provides a powerful platform for even bigger wins in our next multi-year MOU


Make no mistake, the City of Los Angeles is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. In the next 2 months alone, a new City Mayor, a new City Controller and City Attorney, and entirely new City Council will take office.

That’s why it’s pivotal that we lock in our new 1-year contract and immediately begin preparing ourselves for the City’s seismic shift. Because independent of who’s in City office, we have to strengthen our SEIU 721 Member power to continue winning in this new era.



A yes and yes vote means locking in a 3% raise effective January 1, 2023. Throughout the pandemic, we made sacrifices by delaying our raises to protect each other from layoffs and furloughs. With this deal, our raises are effective immediately when our updated MOU kicks in.


A yes and yes vote rewards us with a one-time 5% cash bonus on July 26, 2023 for stepping up during this unprecedented pandemic. Between our raises and bonus, we can count on at least 8% more in total cash next year.


While the Mayor declared June 19th a City holiday, a yes and yes vote makes Juneteenth a permanent paid holiday for our members.


Remote work is part of the new normal for many of workers. A yes and yes vote locks in the power to negotiate a telecommute policy in 2023.


The pandemic magnified the need for on-the-job flexibility to take on unforeseen responsibilities by using our 40 hours of paid personal leave. A yes and yes vote fends off the City’s attempts to take it away.


The vast majority of SEIU 721 members already pay 1.5% of their salary in dues — now it’s time for us to catch up and get ready to fight for a multi-year contract. A yes and yes vote strengthens our union power by doing our part — aligning our dues following our first raises in 2024.

Why is the contract for 1 year only?

Given the current political and financial uncertainties, locking in a guaranteed 3% increase in base wages on January 1, 2023 and a one-time 5% cash bonus on July 26, 2023, is our best bet of guaranteeing every member more money in the new year.

What about union and classification-specific bonuses, inequities, and salary notes?

We’re still hard at work on that front. Once the 1-year contract has been approved, our elected Bargaining Teams will return to the bargaining table to negotiate unit and classification bonuses, inequities, and salary notes for this 1-year deal.

When will multi-year contract negotiations begin?

We expect to begin negotiations for a multi-year contract in Summer 2023.

Why Dues Alignment?

Dues alignment helps the union help you. By adjusting our dues from the current rate of 1.25% to 1.5% of base wages, the standard set by the Executive Board in 2010, we’re ensuring the union has the funds necessary to fight and win.

To be clear, the 0.25% change equals pennies on the dollar, for example:

For every $100.00, the dues alignment equals 25 cents more in dues.

The dues alignment won’t go into effect until 2024 AND only when a raise kicks in that year. Please keep mind that while our union has the authority to set dues alignment, we’re encouraging a YES vote. We’re in this fight together!

How to Calculate Dues Alignment

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