Together, we secured a fair contract for all Superior Court of CA, County of San Bernardino members of SEIU 721.

Over the course of our new contract fight, we made our voices heard and set our bargaining priorities by filling out bargaining surveys. Our hard-working Bargaining Team then developed proposals that helped us negotiate a fair contract that uplifts the essential work that we do for our community.

This victory belongs to every member who decided to fight and is a testament to our determination and participation.


Term: 3 years– October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2025
Wages: 12% + $2,000 Bonus over term of contract
• 2nd full pay period after MOU executed: 5% increase for all employees
• November 23, 2022–one-time payment $2,000
▪ Must have passed probation. Part time employees to receive $1,000.
• October 1, 2023: 4% increase for all employees
• October 1, 2024: 3% increase for all employees

Medical: Increase percentage coverage of premiums (current 58% – $200 bi-weekly remains the same)

Plan Year 2023
• Employee Only – 58% of medical premium
• Employee+1 – 58.5% of medical premium
• Employee+Family – 59% of medical premium

Plan Year 2024
• Employee Only – 58.5% of medical premium
• Employee+1 – 59% of medical premium
• Employee+Family – 60% of medical premium

Plan Year 2025
• Employee Only– 59% of medical premium
• Employee+1 – 59.5% of medical premium
• Employee + Family – 61% of medical premium

Standard increase for Special Assignment Compensation and Temporary Higher-Level Duties – 6% (previously started at 2.5%)

Juneteenth added as Court Holiday

Additional 2 vacation days after 20 years

Updated language regarding Overtime distribution: first voluntarily by classification within division, then volunteers court-wide, then by mandatory assignment by classification within division

New Cell Phone stipend – $40/mo.

Increase in shoe allowance for Court Attendants – $75 (currently $65)

Revised Tuition reimbursement now includes coverage for books

Consistent language that ends special compensation if employee is on paid leave for more than 30 days, but no new qualification period when they return

Updated language regarding vacation approval when no response from supervisor

Focus groups to discuss solutions for granting vacation leave and schedule start times (tour of duty)

Language clean up and updates to reflect current titles, law, etc.

All other terms of the agreement remain the same