Soon we will elect Union Officers and Stewards to help represent us for the next two years beginning this year, 2022! Read the job descriptions for the Officers and Stewards below and carefully consider who to nominate for these positions.

You may nominate as many Union members as you want for each position. You can also nominate the same member for more than one position, but members cannot run for more than two Officer positions and, if elected to both, can serve in only one. In those instances, the winner decides which position to accept and the runner-up for the other position takes that second position. Officers can also serve as Stewards. Nominate as many stewards as you like, but only for your office or worksite. You can nominate yourself!

Only Union Members may nominate and vote in Union elections. Officers and stewards are elected by secret ballot. Stay tuned for important updates on nomination and voting timeframes!

Job Descriptions for Officers and Stewards

Description of Duties, in brief (for full details refer to Chapter Bylaws)

  • The President is the executive officer of the Chapter and presides at meetings of the Executive Board and the Membership.
  • The Vice President assumes the duties of the President in the President’s absence. Vice Presidents are empowered to call meetings and appoint ad hoc committees to serve their local area. The Vice President assist stewards in processing grievances.
  • The Secretary keeps a record of the Executive Board and General Membership meetings.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for all funds of the Chapter and maintains the financial records of the Chapter in accordance with the procedures established by Local 721. Typically at NLACRC, there are no specific funds or records to maintain, so this role is more of an At-Large position and general in nature.
  • The Chief Steward directs and coordinates the work of the stewards in each work location. The Chief Steward, with the Vice Presidents, is the official Chapter representative in all grievance matters.

All Officers may appoint members to help them, or establish committees as needed to assist them in the performance of their assigned duties.

Stewards are not officially members of the Executive Board, but they are encouraged to attend its meetings. Stewards represent the members in their offices at Executive Board meetings, help with communications between members and the Executive Board, process grievances, and represent members and the Union in meetings with management.
Our contract allows: Five (5) Stewards at the Valley office, two (2) at Santa Clarita, and two (2) in AV.

Got Questions? Contact your SEIU Local 721 staff Worksite Organizer, Alexis Soto 213-458-0364 (text ok)

All Nominations are due by January 21st via the form below:

Nomination Form