Media Advisory for Wed., Sept. 29, 2021 — 100s of Essential Union Workers to Descend on LA County DPSS HQ to Demand a More Human Approach to Client Service

DPSS Management’s Decision to Undercut Vital Care Through So-Called “Task-Based” Standards to Be Met with Massive Response by Workers Providing Critical Social Service Connections to Tens of Thousands of Vulnerable People Throughout the Pandemic

CITY OF INDUSTRY,CA – Chanting slogans such as “More Care, Less Stress in DPSS” and “Don’t Crush our Human Touch,” the workers who reliably ensure that tens of thousands of Los Angeles County’s most vulnerable people remain connected to critical social services such as food, emergency housing, healthcare and counseling – including during the pandemic, when such services are so direly needed – will demand a halt to recent policies that dehumanize client care.

Workers have been sounding the alarm for weeks at rallies across LA County, decrying DPSS’ efforts to turn Social Services into an assembly line and systematically eliminating the time and space frontline professionals have to build trust with their clients.

When the DPSS workforce recently called attention to concerns about proper client service exacerbated by job condition contract violations, DPSS Director Antonia Jimenez declared, “I don’t care about your contract.”

In response to her callous contempt for hard-earned collective bargaining rights and the critical frontline services tens of thousands depend on, Jimenez’ own workforce will descend directly upon the doorstep of DPSS’ Headquarters to deliver thousands of petition signatures and a message in-person to her: “Respect our clients, our cases, and our contract!”


WHO: Hundreds of Essential Union Workers from the LA County Department of Public Social Services

WHAT: Massive Demonstration at DPSS Headquarters – “Action at Crossroads”

WHEN: Wed., Sept. 29 at 9 AM

WHERE: DPSS Headquarters, 12860 Crossroads Pkwy, City of Industry

VISUALS: Hundreds of chanting frontline workers with signs, flags, and oversized banners (wearing colorful gaiters to protect against COVID)


BACKGROUND: DPSS workers represented by SEIU Local 721 labor under contract conditions clearly specifying that job duties will be disseminated using “client-based” workload standards. This arrangement ensures that DPSS employees can give DPSS clients the personal attention they need to be connected to all services to which they are entitled in a timely, courteous, and thorough manner.

But DPSS management unilaterally has decided otherwise.

Led by Director Jimenez, DPSS management are trying to institute “task-based” workload standards. This unnecessary change forces clients through a rushed and increasingly impersonal process. It’s an unacceptable outcome that goes directly against the mission of the Department of Public Social Services, jeopardizing the quality of care provided to DPSS clients at the very moment when they need high-quality services most.

This change also violates both the letter and spirit of LA County’s union contract with the DPSS workforce, which specified the use of “client-based” workload standards specifically to prevent the very scenario that DPSS clients are enduring now. On Wednesday, September 29 at 9 AM, the DPSS workforce will remind DPSS management of this fact.


CONTACT: Roxane Marquez at (213) 705-1078

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