1. Our mission is to ensure that public service workers can provide our communities with quality services we can be proud of.  
We will work with elected officials, agency managers, and community organizations to systematically examine every public service and draw on the experience and expertise of public service workers themselves regarding how to make improvements. Priority areas to address include better staffing levels,equipment, training, and communication with management.

2. We will focus on expanding opportunities and job satisfaction for all public service workers, and not only on handling grievances for individual workers who have a problem with management.
Work is central to public service workers’ lives, and our union must be an effective vehicle for achieving hopes and dreams, as well as ensuring fairness and respect. At the same time, we will continue to experiment with the most effective ways to get members prompt responses when they need to solve problems on the job.

3. We will build public support for quality public services at a time when they are under political attack.
Demonstrating our real commitment to quality service will also increase public support for improved pay and benefits which are essential to recruiting and maintaining a trained and experienced workforce.

4. We will work with all interested elected officials, regardless of party, to improve public services and win a better future for all working people.
Our political program will be designed to involve our members, their families, and other working people to get results on the fundamental issues that affect our communities, including health care,education, transportation, housing, and public safety.

5. We will seek to unite all public service workers, including those who are not part of a union organization now.
We cannot improve and maintainquality services and quality jobs without uniting with us the thousands ofpublic service workers in California and other parts of the nation who have no voice.