The Myth of the Militant Public Service Worker

screenshot-fox-wisconsin-palm-trees.jpgNo sooner had Scott Walker announced his intent to strip teachers and nurses of their collective bargaining rights than the anti-worker Wisconsin governor also said the National Guard was “‘prepared…for whatever the governor, their commander-in-chief, might call for.'” By invoking the National Guard, Walker was implying that the clerical assistants and university technicians who would naturally object to his undemocratic power grab would turn violent. Of course, that was nonsense. And the proud, brave workers who have protested Walker’s despicable actions have proven themselves, over the past two weeks, to be respectful, honorable and most of all, peaceful.  But you wouldn’t know that from watching Fox News. On February 27, anti-worker media pundit Bill O’Reilly showed video of the protestors on his show. One of them looked pretty violent. The only problem was that the video wasn’t from Wisconsin. It was shot in a much warmer climate, as you can tell from the palm trees in the background. So let’s all take a moment to applaud the transportation workers, forensic scientists and other public service workers who are showing so much dignity in Wisconsin–more dignity than you’d ever see from Governor Walker or his lackeys at Fox News. READ Wisconsin Gov. Walker Threatens To Deploy National Guard As ‘Intimidation Force’ Against Workers’ Unions READ  and WATCH Fox News Uses Footage From California Rally In Segment On Wisconsin Protests
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