Jail Time for Self Defense, WTF ?

Fearing for your life in the workplace cannot be the new normal! Shame on the County of Riverside for inexplicably yanking a safety proposal that would benefit all frontline County workers, and threatening workers with discipline up to criminal prosecution for self-defense.

The LA County Health Agency Introduces Just Culture

The Los Angeles County Health Agency launches a huge Just Culture initiative across the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Public Health and the Department of Health Services transforming the way the Health Agency looks at employees, systems and care improvement.

Day Two of Unfair Labor Practice Strike Workers March on BOS

“Today is not going to be the end, unless things change!” – SEIU 721 President Bob Schoonover. Day 2 Strikers marched from the Riverside Convention Center to fill the County Administration Center on Day 2 of the strike. #RaiseUpRivCo #1Union #RivCoCares

Riverside County Workers Have a Message for the Board of Supervisors!

Riverside County workers are ON STRIKE FOR SAFETY! There have been ZERO safety improvements. After spending over $140 million on consultants, Riverside County management refuses to open up its books and address address health and safety concerns with transparency. Instead Riverside County management have committed 19 Unfair Labor Practices violations … Read More

Enough is enough, and we’re not backing down

To date, we have filed 19 Unfair Labor Practice charges against Riverside County for bad-faith bargaining, refusal to provide information about how they’re spending millions in taxpayer funds, and for trying to intimidate County workers who have spoken out for stronger safety protections. Our ULP strike begins September 6th at … Read More

Unfair Practice Charge Pickets Break Out in Riverside County

The picketing over the County of Riverside’s unfair practices enters its second week with hundreds of employees publicly condemning the County’s deplorable behavior that just keeps getting worse. Since labor talks began with Riverside County 14 months ago, SEIU Local 721-represented frontline workers have filed more than a dozen Unfair … Read More

SEIU 721 Juneteenth 2017, From Broken Chains to a New Reign

“It’s time to revitalize and it’s time to re-liberate. It’s time to vote, it’s time to register,” said Reverend William Smart during the Prayer section of the SEIU 721 Juneteenth program at the California African American Museum. On June 17th, 2017, SEIU 721 members, elected officials, and community members were … Read More

LA County Sanitation Workers Keep LA Clean

A new, 5-year contract is now in effect for LA County Sanitation Districts, BU 500, Blue Collar! Check out this video of our members, whose hard work keeps LA County clean. #TogetherWeWin #UnionStrong #IAmTheUnion

Safety of Riverside County workers on KPFK Radio

Riverside County workers are standing up against unsafe working conditions and they are being heard! Listen to #KPFK radio coverage of dangerous working conditions for Riverside County Workers. ‪#RivCoCares

Riverside County Employees Resort to Self-Defense!

In response to the increasingly dangerous working conditions that have been continually ignored by Riverside County management, Riverside County SEIU 721 members have begun participating in three self-defense classes this week at worksites across the County to equip members with the skills needed to stay safe on the job. read … Read More

We Must Protect Ourselves!

Riverside County employees have been attacked while on the job at the Hospital, clinics, inside the jails and other locations. It should not take multiple group grievances against the County for them to finally value the lives of County frontline workers and correct the chronic security breaches across facilities! Every … Read More

Ed Royce Townhall Vigil

Congressman Ed Royce is hiding from his constituents. He voted to gut the country’s healthcare system without having a better plan to replace it. So, SEIU 721, and the residents of the 39th Congressional District – whose taxes pay his salary – held a candlelight vigil on his doorstep to … Read More

Black History Through Film

This year for the first time in the almost 90 year history of the Oscars a film with an all black cast won Best Picture. Moonlight’s win signifies a change in not only the film industry but American culture and awareness. 2017 marked the first time an African American was … Read More

2017 Inland Region State of Our Union

The state of our union is – we’re under attack – but we’re fighting back! And when we fight, we win! This is true not just in Washington, D.C., but here, on the front lines, at home. #Riverside #SanBernardino

Yard Sale for Healthcare at Rep. Steve Knight’s

We co-hosted a “Yard Sale for Healthcare!” with Rep. Steve Knight to kick-start his fundraising efforts to replace the $20 billion California will lose now that Congress has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act without replacing it. Patients, healthcare providers, and advocates delivered the invoice to Rep. Knight’s Palmdale … Read More

Riverside County Workers Are Refusing To Be Victims!

Following reports of physical attacks on care providers and bricks being thrown through windows at the Riverside County Hemet Clinic, SEIU Local 721 hosted a self-defense course for Riverside County workers. Workers are not waiting around for the County to value their lives, they’re learning how defend and protect themselves! … Read More

SEIU Local 721 in 2016

We were pretty busy in 2016, but if there is one thing we proven it’s that when we fight Together We Win! Join us in 2017! www.facebook.com/seiu721 www.seiu721.org

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