SEIU 721 Members and Community Say “Social Workers Matter”

On March 24 SEIU Local 721 members celebrated National Professional Social Work Month by recognizing the strides frontline social workers have made to improve services for children and families at the “Social Work Matter” event.
SEIU 721 issued a proclamation recognizing Professional Social Workers Month that was signed by social workers.
Social workers were celebrated for the great work  they do to keep the children of LA County safe and their commitment and dedication through service delivery, research, education and advocacy.
The SEIU 721 members honored community leaders, Fr. Greg Boyle, Homeboy Industries;  Christine Devine, Fox News;  Leslie Heimov, Children’s Law Center and Chantel Johnson, California Youth Connection with the Second Annual Champions for Children Awards. The award recognizes community members who have helped to push legislation, policy and programs that advance the shared goals of keeping children safe and building strong communities.
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