Vote No on Proposition 32. It’s not what it seems.

Proposition 32, on the November 2012 ballot, threatens jobs, wages and retirement by prohibiting union members from standing up to corporate special interests. While the measure’s wealthy backers falsely claim it’s about “stopping special interests,” it’s actually designed to weaken the voice of union members and give corporate CEOs and billionaires even more power to boost their profits by cutting jobs, eliminating retirement security and reducing wages. 

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A more accurate description and name for Prop. 32 is the “Special Exemptions Act.
“As a court employee, we’ve had to speak out about the impacts of the court funding cuts and misplaced priorities on behalf of vulnerable women and children on numerous occasions over the last few years” said Arnella Sims, LA Superior Court Reporter
. “Prop. 32 would take away our voice as we advocate for those that need court services.”
Union members can’t simply ignore politics. Without political action by members, there wouldn’t be a 40 hour week, child labor laws, weekends, workplace safety rules, healthcare, or retirement security. 
Prop. 32 is the first of a one-two punch to give even more control of government to powerful corporate special interests so they can come after the wages, benefits, and even the right to collectively bargain of union members. CEOs and big corporations aren’t in Sacramento advocating for working families. Supporters of Prop. 32 are fighting for their own personal interests, and they understand how important the political process is to move their agenda – corporate special interests outspend unions 15-1!
Union members can never match Wall Street dollar for dollar, but they can make a difference by educating the public and elected officials about issues that impact working families or be the voice for people who need public services. Prop. 32 would take away a union’s ability to do that.
For more information about Prop. 32, download a fact sheet Prop+32+Fact+Sheet.pdf and contact the Government Relations Department at 213-368-8602 and find out how you can help defeat Prop. 32.
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