Getting Real with CD 6 Candidates

On Feb. 12, SEIU 721 members interviewed LA City Council candidates running in Council District 6, the seat vacated by now-Congressman Tony Cardenas.
Three CD 6 candidates attended the Town Hall: former State Assemblymember Cindy Montañez, LAUSD School Board member Nury Martinez and businessman Richard Valdez. SEIU members questioned each candidate about their experience, what they would do for the city, if elected, and whether they would treat public workers fairly and create jobs in CD 6.
After talking to the candidates, members of the participating SEIU locals discussed which candidate to support and made endorsement recommendations for the March 21 special election.

“It is important for members to attend these Town Halls so that we can back the person who will support city workers in CD 6.”
-Jesse Valdes, LA City Trash Truck Driver

“Since we work for the city, it makes a big difference who gets elected. One of these candidates will be our employer very soon. We need someone who will stand with us.
-Patrick Miranda, LA City Trash Truck Driver