SEIU 721 Members Endorse Perello and Quintana in City of Oxnard Special Election

Perello-Quintana-Endorsement.jpgSEIU 721 COPE and its members in the Tri-Counties area endorsed Bert Perello and Mario Quintana for the City of Oxnard special election for City Council.
“We are proud to support both candidates for the June 4 special election. The City of Oxnard needs a lot of critical changes and each candidate has qualities that can help lead that change.”
-Angelica Navarro, SEIU 721 member, Interim Administrative Secretary III, City of Oxnard Housing Department
After City Council member Tim Flynn won this fall’s race for Mayor, a new city council seat opened up, leading to a special election.
COPE and members held a Town Hall meeting in Oxnard on March 25 and the endorsement recommendations were approved this month.
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