Court Reorganization? SEIU 721 Is on the Case.

Are you hearing rumors about a plan by management to reorganize LA County courts? Don’t worry, SEIU 721 and our sister union, AFSCME, are on the case.

Court management wants to make changes that could impact public services and affect court jobs.

But nothing will happen until the court and unions complete the meet and confer process. We’ll make sure that all court employees are protected and your  jobs stay secure.

Melanie-Miller_lacounty_Court-Supervisor_80x80.jpg“We’re doing all we can to protect the members and reach an outcome with the court that’s in everyone’s best interests.”
-Melanie Miller, LA County Superior Court  Services Supervisor and SEIU 721 Member


What We’ve Done So Far:

  • SEIU 721 and AFSCME members had an initial meeting with court management about the issue.
  • SEIU 721 and AFSCME attorneys sent a joint letter to the court on Jan. 17 ordering the court to cease and desist from implementing its plan. We also requested information about the plan so we can understand it better and determine its potential impact on LA County Superior Court workers.

SEIU 721 and AFSCME are now waiting for the court’s response.

Remember, You Are Protected.

As a union member, you have a labor contract with the court. Your jobs, wages and benefits are secure.

SEIU 721 will go back into contract negotiations with management soon to make our contract even stronger.

What’s Next?

In March, there will be a general meeting for all SEIU 721 Superior Court members to discuss the court’s proposed reorganization plan, our goals for 2014 and other important issues.

Download a flyer to post and pass out at your worksite.

SEIU 721 members with questions should contact Wanda Bellamy: (213) 610-2146 or Earl Thompson: (213) 300-5529. AFSCME members should contact their union representative.

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